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I took the LSATs last Monday and there was a discrepancy in my test taking room.  Well, to be more precise, the room was a semi-circular "auditorium" with a left, center, and right section.  I was seating in the left section when during the third section, someone receives a text message and I hear a "ding".  I don't know precisely where it came from nor do the rest of the test takers in the section.  At the end of the section, the administrator walks towards us and asks whose cell phone it is.  No one would fess up and then, she calls the supervisor.  The latter comes and instructs the administrator to flag (i.e. write warnings) for EVERYONE in the section.  The worst, she does that before the fourth section begins and five seconds later, we're told to start section five.  Not only were we distracted, but we also lost our concentration, spending a big part at the beginning wondering and worrying whether our scores would even be counted.  Does anyone have any advice?  Will that flag/message appear on my LSAC report when I apply to law schools?  I will write up a complaint, but what else can I do?  Has it happened to anyone?

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