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Law School Admissions / Chances?
« on: October 03, 2007, 12:47:08 PM »

UGPA: 2.91 first LSAT score: 165 ( I am retaking in december though!)

schools in mind:

San Diego
San Francisco
Santa Clara

are these in my range?

any advice is greatly appreciated.

Hey guys,
I have some schools in mind that I would like to apply to, but should I wait to get my LSAT score (taking it in december) before I start spending money on apps? or should I take the risk and start them so they will be reviewed and completed faster?



Law School Admissions / Post Bac Work
« on: August 22, 2007, 09:59:31 AM »
wassup everyone,

How do law schools look at Post Bacc work? for example doing a pre-law (philo/political science) program after you graduate? would it help your chances if you are applying the same year that you are doing the post bac work? or is it better to apply after you have completed the courses? also, how does it look if you go for a 2nd degree at a diff school from where you graduated? will any of this extra work improve chances of getting accepted, or distinguish you beneficially from other applicants?



Hello Everyone!
I have a low gpa but a high lsat score (2.8/165), I recently graduated at the age of 19 with a bachelors in poli sci. In the process of finding what I really wanted in grades suffered a bit. I wanted to know what are my chances of getting into any law
school, and will my young age factor in and hopefully make up for my horrid GPA? I am very passionate about a career in law, AND I KNOW THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO PURSUE!!

I appreciate any advice!



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