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I have a whole mess of law prep stuff available...

Powerscore Logic Games Bible - Like new
Powerscore Logical Reasoning Bible - Like New
Kaplan 180 - Never Used
10 Actual Official LSATs - Good
Next 10 Actual Official LSATs - Good
10 More Actual Official LSATs - Free if you want it (binding broke)
Prep Tests 45-50
50 Successful Harvard Law School Admissions Essays
Vault Guide to Law Schools

All told this is around $400 worth of stuff.  $150 OBO takes it home.  I live in Providence work in Newport so if you're  in RI, just let me know and we can meet  up anytime.  I'm up in the Boston area quite a bit, so that's easy to work out, just let  me know!

Boston U / The "Updated" Tell me about BU Thread
« on: January 26, 2008, 02:32:46 PM »
I'm seriously considering BU this fall and would like some info regarding employment prospects from current students...there's some info available in other threads but alot of it is significantly dated.  Any info is helpful...thanks!!!

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