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Choosing the Right Law School / W&M versus Maryland?
« on: June 19, 2008, 10:06:12 AM »
I'm trying to decide between William & Mary and the University of Maryland.  I expect to return to New England when finished, so neither school is ideal for employment (waiting on BU waitlist).  Since W&M is higher ranked, it is probably slightly better.  What I am looking for is input on the experience at each school, and each school's overall impression.

I've heard that W&M has a limited social and extracurricular life.  Local zoning in Williamsburg means few bars.  Students feel compelled to compete with UVA, making them very busy and aggressive.  Baltimore, on the other hand, is a city, so the social life should be good -- I know there are some dangers there as well.  But theoretically it isn't as high quality an education as W&M.  Would I enjoy (and thus get more out of) the experience at Maryland or W&M?  Any thoughts appreciated.

Admittedly, I am bit unusual as an applicant ... long story.
Regardless, the decision process has not gone as anticipated ...
A little advice?

My choices are U Maryland versus Temple (with a $12K per year scholarship).  I'm more interested in attending the best school I can (academics, challenging coursework, professors, student interaction/fun, quality of life), than worrying about my loans.  So, since I don't put a ton of value on the Temple scholarship, is there any other significant reason to consider Temple over UML?


Hanging Around for the Summer: UMinn and W&M (both are preferred choices).

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