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Law School Admissions / Someone is impersonating me on LSN!
« on: February 17, 2008, 09:49:23 AM »
And leaving behind rude comments on other people's walls with my username. What the heck?  If you want to start arguments with other users, use your own name!


Law School Admissions / Yale Holds?
« on: February 15, 2008, 10:49:27 AM »
I just received an email that "based on the strength of my candidacy" I would either receive an offer of admission or a spot on the waitlist.

Is this essentially a deferral? Did anyone else get this?

Seriously, I might not get a decision until mid-April? This is going to be torturous.  :(

Edit: I'm wondering if this is a new thing this year. I couldn't find any mention of a similar email going out last year on LSN.

Choosing the Right Law School / Harvard vs. the Hamilton (Columbia)
« on: January 27, 2008, 08:50:19 AM »
I will definitely visit both schools and examine my fin aid package at Harvard first, but any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.

I'm not remotely interested in academia. I'm planning on entering Big Law initially and then hopefully transfering to a more lifestyle friendly firm if/when I have a family. Going to a tremendous law school debt-free and keeping all my money sounds great to me.  :D

On the other hand, Harvard is Harvard. As a first-gen college student, its a total dream come true to go to Harvard. I'm also a little afraid that as a median student at Columbia, my job options wouldn't be as great than if I were a middle of the road student at Harvard. Is the money worth the prestige drop? Or will a Harvard J.D. just be worth its price tag?

BTW, I realize I'm absolutely blessed to be in this situation, and its pretty much a win-win situation. But I still can't sleep.  :-\

Law School Admissions / Stanford Acceptances?
« on: December 08, 2007, 02:32:06 PM »
I thought some decisions would be made this last week based on last year's dates, but no blips on LSN as of yet. Has anyone heard anything?

I'm trying to decide between three samples for my Yale 250. Will anyone take a look and give me some feedback?

I'd really appreciate it.

Law School Admissions / SSN# on LSAC Apps
« on: October 22, 2007, 10:39:37 PM »
The last two digits of my social security number are not showing up on my Harvard or Columbia electronic apps (every time I try to type in the digits the little yellow boxes will remain blank). I tried my roommates computer- same problem.

Is anyone else experiencing this? I don't know what to do - I just want to submit my apps!

My professor mailed his LOR on October 13. LSAC still doesn't show it as being received whereas my other letter in September was received and processed within a matter of days. I'm freaking out because I know it takes another couple of weeks to process during peak periods.

How long did it take for your letters to show up as "received" on LSAC? My apps are ready to go w/ my September score, but obviously I can't go complete until it comes in.

Law School Admissions / September LSAT Fee Waivers?
« on: October 19, 2007, 09:26:53 PM »
Does any one know when they usually start coming in? 

I took the test in June and got a 166; in September I got a 177. I know that's a big increase but am not sure if I should write an addendum. I prepared equally for both tests, I just screwed up the LG in June and had a harsh scale.

 Should I write an addendum? I'm afraid I'll just sound whiny and insincere, but at the same time, what will adcoms think of an 11 point increase with no explanation?

I went from a 166 in June to a 177 in September; though I know most schools take the higher score, I'm afraid T5 will still average (as they have the luxury of doing so). The thing is, I don't really have grounds for an addendum - it was honestly a matter of a really good day vs. a really bad day.

This is my list as of today:

UC Berkeley (Boalt)

I might apply to Georgetown, Duke and NYU if I get fee waivers. What do you all think? Am I shooting to high or low? I'm not sure if I have enough safeties.

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