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Incoming 1Ls / Thoughts on Santa Clara vs USF vs.. San Diego?
« on: May 17, 2008, 10:10:57 AM »
Oh never mind. Looks like SD is the worst of the three.

Please also provide your approximate class rank.

(I can't vouch for its accuracy, but it seems real)

From: Someone in Administraion

Date: Apr 16, 2008 2:31 PM

Subject: [Info] A message from Councilman Wolfson

To: boyd listserve

[I forward the message below at the request of Las Vegas City Councilman Steve Wolfson, who, as some of you know, also is a former federal and state prosecutor who now has a criminal defense practice. The Councilman is looking to address a critical need for school crossing guards in our city and seeks our assistance . . .]


Forwarded by UNLV on 04/16/2008 01:52 PM -----

Dean ******:It was great meeting with you last week. We appreciate your time. Councilman Wolfson would like to encourage any William S. Boyd School of Law student interested in earning a few extra dollars, and helping our community, to consider applying to be a school crossing guard, through Metro's Crossing Guard program.There is a great need for crossing guards at the intersections of Maryland Parkway and Twain and at Twain and Swenson. The pay is $8.91 per hour and they are guaranteed 2.5 hours per day (just a little over $22 per day) . . .

Sincerely, ****** ***** Liaison to Councilman Steve Wolfson

Two lawyers walk into a bar . . .
One orders a round of drinks for the house. The other one puts on an apron and serves it.

By Greg Burns

Prosecutor Jeanne Wrenn clutches a foot-high stack of case files against the chest of her blue business suit as she dashes from hearing to hearing in the Criminal Courts Building at 26th Street and California Avenue. Her high heels click down the hallways as she passes a prisoner work crew clad in yellow jump suits and small clusters of defendants with their families and friends, waiting for cases to be called.

She has a court date with Jahson Rosemond, a 24-year-old two-time felon accused of dealing cocaine. She's willing to let him plead to a lesser charge of possession with a prison term attached. He wants probation."He's not going to get it," she vows. If it's a trial he wants, she'll give it to him.

For a 36-year-old single mother barely seven years out of law school, Wrenn bears a weighty responsibility, and it's exactly what she had in mind when she borrowed $100,000 to attend the Loyola University School of Law. Of all her friends from those law-school days, she enjoys her job the most, she says.

Except for the paycheck. At $59,000 a year, the assistant Cook County state's attorney makes $100,000 less than the average first-year associate at big corporate firms, and millions of dollars less than the elite partners at those firms. If she chucked public service and went for the bucks, she probably could make a bit more money. But contrary to what many Americans believe, she'd need to overcome long odds to earn a lot more. Increasingly among the nation's 761,000 working lawyers, admission to the bar no longer guarantees a gold-plated lifestyle, or even financial security.

Read more,0,5547944.story

You people are lucky to see this before making your final decisions. Seriously, make sure you write Mr. Henderson a thank you note for all of his hard work in preparing this. It's shocking, but confirms what everyone says about certain tier 2 toilets.

Incoming 1Ls / Hilarious thread about dealing with law school debt
« on: April 04, 2008, 07:28:36 PM »
Date: April 4th, 2008 5:31 PM
Author: TTT grad with a ton of debt & a plan

$240k after undergrad plus 3 years of Seton Hall law school. Can't get a good job, so I'm doing an LLM for another $55k. With interest I'll owe over $315K after the LLM. If I still don't get a good job after the LLM, I'm going to defer loans due to unemployment and travel the world on my $50k credit line. Ultimately, if I don't get a good legal job, I'll take a bad job, consolidate, declare bankruptcy after making an "attempt" to pay, and let them garnish my bad wage. They can only take about 15% of my wages, due to the CCPA, so they're basically screwed.

A way to pwn the lenders?

Edit: I see there are a number of people who don't get it, so I'm going to add to my post.

Option 1 = Take crappy $50k job now and pay over half my income to banks.

Option 2 = Either

(a) Get good job with LLM or

(b) Spend two years getting LLM, partying, and traveling the world in style. Then get $50k job, consolidate and declare bankruptcy. Under option two, federal law prevents banks from taking more than about 15%. As icing, the judge might even use his discretion to dismiss some of my loans or provide me other relief to protect my law license.

Thus option two = me dealing with bad situation by f-ing banks in the ass.

What's funny is that due to travel, I may even find a job in another country. That would be the ultimate assfucking for the banks.


Dear Mercer students and administration,

I know your school has been taking a beating on the internet. Numerous 1Ls have posted on boards like top law school, suggesting that your degree isn't worth the tuition you charge. Other students have put up a vigorous defense, but many still doubt the value of your law school. You deserve a chance to redeem yourselves, not just with words, but with deeds. Here I offer you that chance - it's the tier 2 challenge. All you have to do is find a good job, which is open to the average Mercer graduate. By average I mean someone around median. Not the top of the class, but rather an everyman graduate. The job must be real. In other words, after you post it, actual Mercer 3Ls should be able to apply and secure an interview. If you want to keep the information confidential, feel free to leave out the firm name and contact information, with the offer to fill them in if an actual Mercer student contacts you. I'm sure Mercer students will keep you honest. Needless to say, the more jobs you post, the more credibility you will have.

This challenge has been out there for three months, and not one tier 2 law school has been able to meet it. Can you? Good luck.



The challenge:,99398.msg2520475.html#msg2520475

So Boalt went up a lot. Pepperdine also went up to 59. which seems like a big increase for them.

So who dropped a lot?

When were they leaked last year? It's only like 6 days to the official release.

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