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My status checker for Alabama just went from "Complete Ready for Review" to "Decision Made" --

This is a reach school for me, do you think "Decision Made" could simply mean a deferral or waitlist?

Thanks for your opinions!

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / ACCEPTED TO U of MIAMI!!!!!!! 2008
« on: October 25, 2007, 06:03:25 PM »
Hey guys! Im sooo excited, i just got my first acceptance today. Got home from a week long vacay and it was waiting for me in the mailbox -- Accepted U of Miami!!!!!!!!!!!

Postmarked 10/15 - I applied 10/3. Came in a envelope with quite a few papers inside, acceptance letter, housing info, invite to admitted students day, scholy info (not TBD until Dec)


Stats: 3.45/159 really exceptional SF

Good luck to everyone, cant believe its really happening!!!

Law School Admissions / So when can I start expecting to hear?
« on: October 11, 2007, 09:47:29 AM »
I have every single one of my apps in. All reports have been requested... its all a waiting game now.

I was wondering whats the earliest I can expect to hear something:

From schools that, say, am above 75% for both
From schools that are 50% ish

I just wondered if any of you have experience with this and what advice you can give --- the wait is killing me.

I am working in my application for lets say (so I can give you an example) U of Alabama within LSAC. However, if my list of a certain category (i.e. Activties, extracurriculars, awards etc etc) goes over the two-three lines given its completely cut off, theres no way to either shrink the font OR add another line.

Even more annoying, it asks for things like Employer and to include the address. However, there is not enough room to include a full address. It jumps below the box and gets cut off. Anyone from last year know a solution or anyone from this year have a suggestion.

If you arent sure what I am talking about go to the Apps in LSAC and for example open up Alabamas - try and type extra content within boxes and lines.

I could understand if its just simply TMI and I need to cut back on what Im including but this also applies to information they ask for thats mandatory (ie Employer Address)


Before I go any further on this thing I have to have a few HARSH objective opinions. I am too emgrossed in it now and I cant see the forest from the trees. Any takers? Ill PM it to you.

MUCH MUCH appreciated!

Law School Admissions / LSAC is so slow already!
« on: July 10, 2007, 09:00:48 AM »
And the application rush hasnt even begun!

I had my transcripts sent over LAST Monday (and confirmed that they were sent). Nothing has shown up yet. I called yesterday and they said there wasnt a problem, that it would just take a few more days. That seem slow to anyone else or do I just need to chill out?

SHAZAM! After 5 or 6 days of writers block and only having the firt and last paragraphs of my PS written I had a random burst of inspiration during work today and knocked the bad boy out!! Now, I havent proofread it and I know itll get ripped to shreds but at least I have a full draft!

Woo-hoo!  ;D

Law School Admissions / To be considered for merit scholarships...
« on: July 09, 2007, 01:24:55 PM »
Do you have to fill out the financial aid forms in order to be considered for merit scholarships. Obviously, for financially based scholarships I would think you'd have to -- but what about merit? Can you be offered a scholarship simply by applying?

TIA and happy Monday.

Are most Personal Statements supposed to be double or single spaced? I cant find it anywhere on my apps. Can someone please enlighhten me?


Right now they all still say 2007 and its annoying me because I want to start preparing. Sigh.

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