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Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / GULC PPWL : MASSIVE flame?????
« on: April 30, 2007, 01:14:04 PM »

 so convention on these boards state that there are two preferred wait-lists, the  " preferred" wait-list  which is  everything it says it is and a second " experimental" super-secret  version of the preferred wait-list that is distinguished by displaying the contact info of Sophia Sim. this  " experimental" list is in only its second year.

What is more the people who claim to have received what I dub the " sim" letter have further reported receiving recently an email from Dean Cornblatt sating their file will be reviewed FIRST ( starting on May8) . this gives them an advantage ( hence "Preferred preferred" ( PPWL))

I called Georgetown today. the person I spoke to told me that as far as she knew " there was only one "preferred" waiting list and it WAS NOT ranked". She then said she would transfer  me to the "waiting list  coordinator. This turned out to be a voice mail in which a woman's voice asked me to leave a message.  She spoke very fast and i could not make out a name ( or most of what she was saying)

I hung up and called immediately, but no one has answered at the admissions office then or during any of my subsequent phone calls.

Now this was not Sophia Sim or as far as i can tell an admissions oficer. But it got me thinking.

Couldn't this be FLAME started last year by preferred wait listers and then revived by this years crop??

I know cut and pastes of the supposed  letter and e-mails exist, but these are not proof of anything.

so I set out a dare invitation to PROVE  the existence of this Illogical " PPWL"  ( why does the regular " preferred" letter state they are not ranked? if the PPWL exists, isn't this a lie??/)

If you have the PPWL  ( the "Sophia Sim"  letter) : SCAN IT!!!!!  THEN IMAGESHACK IT!!!

if you received th email form dean Cornblatt, Open it in your Browser->Print Screen --> M.S Paint.--> Imageshack it.

There are too many questions about this out in the open. The existence or not of the PPWL is fo enormous importance to those of us on the " regular" PWL . Let's cut trough the Hocus Pocus and clarify this situation once and for all.

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