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1 much 130K in student debt is? I mean, besides the students admitted to the top half of the T14 that are virtually assured BigLaw, everyone else is making a seirous gamble if they plan on paying full tution to a Tier 2 or even bottom part of T50 school. 130K is ALOT of money to pay back, especially at 9%+ interest and you better be DAMN SURE you have a 80K+ job lined up right out of law school if you want to avoid crushing, life altering debt.

Now invariably people will respond with the usual accusations that I'm a pessimist or that I am bitter because such and such a law school denied me. But try proving to me that spending 100K+ on a law school education that may land you a 40K job after graduation, or none at all in some cases, is worth it.

I'm thinking of attending law school mainly because I find the study of legislation fascinating and also think that a law education is a very solid professional background as well as being a portable degree. That said, I know for a fact that i will never want to work in corporate law, even if some guy who looked like the Monopoly Man was waving bags of cash in my face upon graduation. It just isn't my thing. Consequently, I was wondering if any of the T25 law schools give tuition breaks to graduates who choose to work in less lucrative fields such as public law or working for NGO's. If there are any such institutions, what type of numbers would I need to have a good shot at them? I have a 3.87 right now from a no-name Canadian university. I havn't taken the LSAT yet, but with a year of practice, I'm sure I could get a somewhat decent score.

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