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Cross-posting from TLS since many of you just stick w/ one or the other discussion board...

In the interests of 1) sharing information and 2) encouraging other schools to be more transparent (or at least encouraging accepted students to push for greater transparency), I'm posting the files that a couple of current law students have put together. They're not official docs from the school (that's my convenient disclaimer), but all the raw data was published last year by Career Services and Admissions and will be repeated again this year. Feel free to mess around w/ the spreadsheets. If people can get lists of employers/cities from other schools I encourage you to post them here and I'll change the title to reflect that. I'll also update it again in late February, when the Class of '08 employment list comes out, and again in the spring when Career Services publishes the newest issue of the Recruitment Handbook. If the thread dies, then maybe this whole transparency thing was never meant to be...

In the meantime, enjoy perving and if things don't look right call attention to them and we can track down answers. This at least has the potential to help demystify certain qualities of existing employment information for top law schools, like pie charts showing % employed in various regions without showing who the employers are, or graphs publishing median private sector salaries without revealing how many students self-reported their starting salaries. (Note: the Class of '09 2L employment doesn't include salary information, and the Class of '07 is very conservative in using older salary info, but you can cross-reference firm/offices w/ NALP salary data in most cases to get a better feel for what people are making). If every school began doing this it'd be a strong disincentive to game the numbers by reporting research assistants as in 'academia,' and other tricks Leiter and others have noted over the years. G'luck. Class of 2009 2L Summer Bios.pdf

[Once again, editing to get these links to work.  Careful if you try and copy/paste... it keeps messing up for me.]

Incoming 1Ls / VULS to Challenge UVA Law in '09 Softball Invitational
« on: July 10, 2008, 08:30:37 AM »
Reposting this here from TLS (

I want to get this out to the incoming class of Vanderbilt so you have time for mental and physical preparation. This will be the first time in recent memory that VULS will be making the trek over the mountains to C-Ville to play in their Annual Invitational. While I understand UVA has a history of being really good at simultaneous beer consumption and softball and other schools have found repeated success at their invitational, the time has come for Vandy to get our act together and take our best shot. The law school had three softball teams in multiple divisions university-wide last year, and with some new leadership from the incoming 1Ls we should be able to get a full season of preparation against the younger and more fit undergrads. I leave it up to you to mobilize the forces come orientation and sign up some crews over at the Rec Center.

This also constitutes advance notice to anyone perving the board from UVA Law: You are stealing one of my classmates next year and we are taking the matter seriously. We are also claiming them to cheer for our side in this hopefully epic battle between the ACC and the SEC. Let's go Dores!

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Vanderbilt Law 2011
« on: December 05, 2007, 04:15:34 PM »
figured i'd plug vandy with a few comments about what the first semester's been like this year, and also direct those of you with questions to check out the group on Facebook. it's Vanderbilt Law 2011, with 1Ls currently taking questions from admits, waitlisteds and prospectives.

it's been a great first few months and i couldn't have been happier coming to nashville. we just finished up contracts and reg. state today... both were new courses (contracts was redesigned to be more transactional), and it doesn't seem like anyone besides UMich and HLS (sort of) has a first-year class comparable to reg. state to pawn outlines from, so it'll be interesting to see what exams are like. reg. state was dean rubin's first time teaching an incoming class in all his years at Berkeley/Penn/Vandy, so he was expecting (and hopefully will get) a lot from us. we also had an awesome torts professor who's visiting from UF, and we're really hoping our course evaluations are taken into consideration so he stays around.

i might be the only 1L who still checks LSD since school started [unless ravynous is still perving from time to time??]... so i'm recommending once again that people check out the FB group. obviously, LSD is still appropriate for questions requiring anonymity, or for comparing opinions about the schools on your list, but nothing here will give you a sense of what the student body at vandy is like. i don't have much support here, so relying on one current student probably isn't in your best interests.

the FB group is also a good way to contact other prospectives and see what they're thinking. and if you decide to join us it'll be the best way to figure out housing and meet everyone before school begins. i found a roommate through the group we created last year and secured a sweet, fully-furnished apartment right on West End (googlemap it). except for the fact my roommate's starter guitar sounds horrible, things have worked out pretty well. we're also both ridiculously cheap when it comes to turning on the heat... the benefits of being from new england/delaware and moving to the mid-south for school.

so yeah, g'luck on the acceptances, check out the FB group, and happy perving.

-Vandy 1L (sporadically taking questions)

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