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Okay, I posted this somewhere else, no one decided to reply, so I'll give it another shot!

I'm 90% sure I want to go to Loyola LA, but I need to send my deposit in today, overnighted tomorrow at the latest.  I just got a call from the dean at University of Maryland saying I was off the waitlist, and that she could let me know if I could get a scholarship on Monday. I've already turned down some other higher ranked schools (University of Colorado at Boulder) in favor of Loyola.
I really would like to end up in LA, and I was planning on moving with my boyfriend there this summer. I have no ties to Baltimore. I also have a substantial scholarship at Loyola.

I guess it sounds like I am pretty much decided on Loyola, but I'm a bit scared that I'm turning down better ranked schools, and I guess I need reassurance from complete strangers on an online board.

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