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Incoming 1Ls / How should I decline the other schools?
« on: April 14, 2013, 11:24:57 AM »
I applied to more than one school and got admitted to more than one. After I pick the one school I am going to go to, I think I should write a letter to officially decline the other schools. Has anyone done this? What is the protocol? Who should I send it to, the dean of admissions or the person who signed the admission letter? Any help with wording would be greatly appreciated?


I applied to 4 schools: Drake (Des Moines), U of Wyoming (Laramie), U of Nebraska (Lincoln), and Sturm (Denver). I have received a yes from 3/4 and nothing yet from Denver. I live in the Denver area and I have no issues relocating. I know that Drake and Wyoming are ranked below the top 100. US News puts Drake at 109 and Wyoming at 113  I was not certain I would get into a top 100 school. I honestly don't know how important that really is if you aren't going to HSY anyway. However, I do know the pitfalls of going to a 4th tier school. A friend of mine went to Dayton, OH (not high enough to get a rank on US News, but listed between 180-195.) and regrets going there. Nonetheless, Top Law Schools puts Sturm at 69th and UNL at 89th but US News puts UNL at 61st and Sturm at 64th. I am confused. Why the difference? Which is better?
I was going to put this in the discussion thread about rankings, but my question is more geared towards where to go. Let's assume that I get a yes back from Sturm, the price is only a few thousand more since I would be paying out of state tuition for UNL, but I may be able to get the in-state price after living there a year. I don't mind paying the high price of Sturm, but I want to go to a higher ranked school--but I also want to practice in Colorado. I am going to write a letter to Drake and Wyoming thanking them for their offer, but respectfully declining. I am very optimistic about getting a yes from Sturm, and I need to start planning to relocate either way.

So my question is, should I go to University of Nebraska College of Law or University of Denver Sturm College of Law?   Thank you!!

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