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You know...what does someone in the DA's office do on a typical day? In the public defenders office? In a giant corporate biglaw firm? In a small criminal firm?

I've been poking around the internet, but could somebody recommend a decent website out there that profiles the type of work different lawyers do on a typical day? How much money they make? How much they work? Etc....


I heard from Akron Law and they offered a full-tuition scholarship, with a 2.3 gpa requirement.

Debt is a top priority for me. I'm only 21, I don't have an income, and I'm putting myself through school without any help from the parents. At your average law school, I'll probably end up borrowing $80-90k.

However, I drove up to Akron, Ohio, and while I really find Akron an adorable city, I just don't see myself practicing law in the area, and being a T3 school, my options will probably be limited to Ohio. The economy is stagnant, and more importantly, it isn't a very appealing place to me. Ohio is not very diverse, and that's a concern of mine. Plus it won't be suitable for my family because it's so "out there".

The alternatives are other T3 schools who didn't offer money, but are in bigger and more diverse cities/states...such Houston and Charlotte...where I would love to practice.

Is it smart to take the free T3 law degree in Akron and try to find a job in Charlotte or Houston (or elsewhere)? Or is it better to bite the bullet and go $90k in debt, and go to a T3 school in the city I want to practice in, like a Houston?

Say we have a student who has absolutely no desire to work for the big law firm. Instead, he wants to start his own small law firm. He understands he'll probably have to gain some experience in the beginning, so he's ok with working at a small private practice firm for a few years.

Now, a T14 degree is a T14 degree, of course.

But in his case, is he better off sticking with a T4 versus a T3 or a T2?

How much does the school name on his degree matter for him?


This is for Fall 2008.

I just took the LSAT in December, but I won't be getting in anywhere with my score. I want schools to consider my February score. (Schools that I'm applying to take your highest score). I have all my transcripts sent into LSAC and I'm working on the Personal Statement and Letters of Recommendation.

So if I want them to see my February LSAT score with my application, when should I hit submit?

Studying for the LSAT / Hi. I have ADD and I'm taking the LSAT.
« on: November 29, 2007, 08:47:00 PM »
If you aren't prepared to hear some serious, mindless and pathetic bitching, please hit the back button on your browser...

Annyyyyways, I do have Adult ADD. And I'm hype about Saturday's exam. The problem: I cannot focus worth a damn. Sure sure, you say, everyone and their mother has some degree of Adult ADD. And I agree. But when I happen to be taking practice LSATs, it's dead obvious. When, by some freak alignment of the planets, I happen to stay focused and in the zone during the exam, I can manage a 170. When the ADD kicks in, my score will drop to a 155. Ugh.

Life sucks. And I refuse to take medication. I'm sure my stubbornness will land me in a not-so-hot school.

Any tips?

Anyways, can't wait till Saturday. Hooray.  :-\

(If you're wondering about the 'jsulahry'...that's me. I just forgot my userid and made a new one...but I found my original account.)

General Off-Topic Board / Practicing Law Overseas
« on: August 05, 2005, 11:32:19 PM »
I haven't found much discussion on this topic...

Has anybody considered going to another country after law school? Not just England/France, etc, but countries like Pakistan, India or Indonesia? What would it take to become a practicing lawyer in a country such as that? Should I even waste my money by going to a law school here in the US?

General Off-Topic Board / Major - Spanish or Chinese?
« on: July 28, 2005, 04:43:31 PM »
Well, I am majoring in International Business and Political Science. For the IB major, I am required to become proficient in another language.

I took Spanish throughout high school and I've become rather fluent in it, so Spanish seems like an easy choice. Plus, with CAFTA (Central American Free Trade Agreement) in the news, job prospects for IB majors with Spanish backgrounds seem great.

However, I've also been looking at Chinese.

I mean damn, anybody who doesn't live in a box knows that this is an economic powerhouse of over a billion people, with promises to emerge as an economic superpower very soon.

If you were in my position, would you consider doing International Business, with a background in the Chinese language, or Spanish?

General Off-Topic Board / Selfishness vs Selflessness
« on: June 29, 2005, 11:11:12 AM »
I've become convinced lately that there are some qualities I have which will prevent me from reaching my full potential as a lawyer. Iíve noted that in school, work and my daily life, I occasionally avoid saying some things that some people might find offending in a simple conversation about politics, the news, religion, or whatever. In other words, sometimes I avoid trying to get under peopleís skin.

Sure, getting under peopleís skin on a constant basis is extreme Ė thatís not what Iím talking about. Iím talking about the fact that sometimes you do have to get under somebodyís skin. Sometimes you will HAVE to speak up for yourself if you want to be heard! Sometimes you have to kick a little ass to get somewhere...even more so in the world of law.

Iím afraid that this concept of avoidance is eventually going to bite me in the ass later in life. I know I can't be the only one with this problem. Iím pretty sure the way I was raised has a lot to do with the way I am. I've generally been shy in my life, but I've certainly made great strides since college to become more open, my professors regularly comment on what  agood speaker I am, etc..

I suppose I need to start becoming a little more selfish and start pondering over what I want and need, and stop thinking so much over what everybody else a limit, of course.
What advice could LSD give to this failed child??



General Off-Topic Board / Should we right past wrongs?
« on: March 24, 2005, 05:41:10 PM »
We should, shouldnt we? How else can we ever move on?

Take the Holocaust for example. It would be completely wrong and unethical not to make an attempt to correct it, as Germany still strives to this very day to make land, monetary, and all types of compensation to Holocaust victims...

Or the Japanese who were held in (arguably) concentration camps during WWII. They were all given financial compensation for the crimes committed against them.

Yet what about blacks? The economy of the United States BOOMED during the illegal forced labor of African Americans, very heavily due to this illegal free labor. Yet have we compensated blacks? No...and look at the tension between whites and blacks today. Perhaps if we righted this past wrong, we wouldn't have gone thru segregation and the continued discrimination we face today???

I don't know...I'm just throwing it out for an intellectual discussion. Should we right past wrongs?

General Off-Topic Board / Which magazine should I subscribe to?
« on: January 15, 2005, 10:00:13 AM »
I have 3,062 American Airline points and need to pick a magazine! Help me!!!

BTW, I'm already subscribed to the Economist  ;D Whats the most 'intellectual' of the above 4 magazines?


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