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Hi everyone,

I have a question that I'm hoping folks can provide some guidance or opinion on.  I'm a post-undergrad living in CT looking to apply for law school in the fall of 2014.  I took the February 2013 LSAT after taking a Kaplan prep course, and scored a 162 (85th percentile).  I also have a 3.71 GPA.

My question  now is, is it worth attempting to retake the test? 

Things to consider: my score was six points higher on the real LSAT than the practice test I took at the beginning of the prep course, and it matched my last practice test score of 162.  On the real test, I had to throw one game and one reading passage and guess each question, so I know there's a timing issue there.  I finished every logical reasoning section with at least a minute to spare to review a question or two, but because its the February test, I can't see what each section's scoring broke down as.  During the few weeks running up to the test, I slackened on studying habits, and came into the test knowing I didn't prepare as much as I could have (due to a lot of outside issues affecting my studying), and yet I managed to score well.  My score is by no means terrible, but it doesn't put me in the middle of the pack for schools like UVA or Georgetown (both of which I am interested in applying too, but both of which are possibly prohibitively expensive).  Other schools, like BC, George Mason, William and Mary, and UW are all within my range somewhere, mostly around their LSAT/GPA medians, but I don't top their scores by any means.

If anyone has any thoughts, could you offer some insight?

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