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I was just wondering if it is ok to go with 11 font instead of 12, does this differ from school to school?

Studying for the LSAT / What is the best place for Post-mortem
« on: September 29, 2007, 12:44:50 PM »
Not that I want to subject myself to that illegal torture, but if someone did, which site is the best place?

Hello all again,

I was here a few months back, did the whole crazy prep thing for months up to the test, and choked and canceled under the pressure that I had built up for myself.  Now I am back in the saddle tom. and now I have a much better outlook.  Before I was going in as 170 or bust, and my whole life is riding on this day mentality, not soooo good.  So here is my advice, Dont CARE so much you can't think, I for instance had LG first and was so nervous I never started my timer, not cool. SOOO RELLLAAXXX, at least try to, and good luck, ill be there with ya stoned out of my mind on xanax.  hehe JK!

Can I just use the change test date option that expires before june 12.

I know this seems unprobable, but It dosen't say I can't still change the test date rather then re-schedule for Sept and save myself the full cost.

Studying for the LSAT / Is it wrong that I love hitting 170?
« on: June 08, 2007, 12:42:14 PM »
Yep, on the very last prep test I will ever take, I nail a 171 on #51.
Could I ask for any better way to end studying, I THINK NOT.

So yeh, I recount all that silly hating of 170'ers.

*Let's hug*

OK, don't ask me why I started doing this, I just got bored but this is so freaking wierd I had to share it.

If you take test #45 and look at the first section.

If you take the correct letter of the answer, for #1 its A, then count how many words it is into the stimulus that a word begins with A it comes to 7, Then if you do it to problem #2 for the correct answer, c, it is 1, and for problem 3, it is b, and it is 43.

This is where it gets wierd.  Now go on to #4 and the next three problems the numbers are now 1,42,6.,  Now go on from there and the next three are 1,4,41,1,3,40....

This pattern continues all the way until the second reducing number hits 1, on 1,1,38, then I lose the pattern and can't figure it out from there.

But this code seriously predicts like 15 of the first questions on the first section, and I find that a little disturbing.  I think this is like a conspiracy so that LSAC can give people who they want the code and guarantee a certain score for money, favors.. whatever. 

The problem is that even if we finished cracking the code for #45, the test on Monday will be totally different but I had to share this with you guys, and help me find the code from #15 on!!

Studying for the LSAT / Is it wrong that I hate you 170'ers?
« on: June 04, 2007, 01:55:08 PM »
Ok ok, so I don't HATE you guys, but seriously, you are in the 98-99th percentile of scoring ranges and I feel like I am the only on this site averaging below 170's.  Where are all my fellow 60'ers?  I mean we are the majority after all, so all you 70'ers go back into the libraries from which you spawned and give me my site back so I can feel like a functioning human being again and I can stop throwing lsat booklets around my room in anger.

Ok, Im done, I have to get back to my booklet throwing now.  Who needs T14 anyways, I bet the gold ticket ruins the taste of the chocolate anyways.

And what the hell is with the pdf printing being so small, so annoying.

Thanks everyone!

Hello all,

I have been lurking on this site everyday for about 2 months now and I figire it is a good time to introduce myself.
I was planning on taking the September test, but do to decent prep test scores and a desperate attempt to salvage my summer I have been moved up a bit and registered for the JUNE test.  I am scoring consistently around 168 on timed tests with about 15 hours of study per week for two months.  My current GPA is 3.62, shooting for 3.7 by the time apps hit.

I do not actually attend a "real" school, I am a distance learning student and it should be interesting to see how this effects my future applications.  I wanted to make this known so other students like myself planning on applying for class of 2011 or 12 can have a comparision with numbers and hopefully some camaraderie. 

As of April 29th I will be switching to part time status from full time (work)and dedicating 4 full days a week to study.  I have it broken down into 25 "free" study days, and I have left 25 prep tests untouched for each day.  I have made it half way through the LG bible and plan on purchasing the LR bible in the next week and working on that a little after each prep test.

My strengths are RC which I miss about 2-3 wrong per section with adequate time left and recently LG's have also become strong with missing 1-4 per section with just enough time, (by the way don't give up on LG, it is true what they say about practice, I was horribly bad in the begining, taking 15-20 minutes per game) I expect to get the LG to 0 wrong by the test. ( I hope! )  LR always gets me for 3-4 wrong per section with 3-5 minutes left on timer, I would be happy with minor gains if any in LR.

My main school I am shooting for is Cornell, as I live in the general area.  Hoping for Columbia, NYU, Penn and UVA after that.

That is it for now!  I just wanted to throw my hat in and say that I have enjoyed reading all your posts and wanted to get in on some of the support and fun! 

Any other Distance learners out there going for a top tiered school or any other Juniors want to get known now so that we can enjoy all the heartache of the upcoming year?

Incoming 1Ls / Bankruptcy, bad debt, bad credit....No law for me?
« on: March 27, 2007, 10:59:36 AM »
So yeh, I registered just to post this question.

I had a bankruptcy when I was 20, I am 26 now.  My credit is rough and I have
unpaid hospital bills.  Basically, I suck in this area, are you to tell me that
I might not be able to sit for the BAR, because of my credit?  Does the reach
of those bastard credit companies ever END!!

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