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My wife may have a job in Yucaipa in Riverside County, and we are looking to try and locate ourselves in the city of Riverside or Rancho Cucamonga, which presents a relatively decent commute for her to work. That said, am I out of my mind to think I could have any kind of pleasant law school experience commuting from either of these places to Chapman? Also, if anyone is in the know on MetroLink and can provide some firsthand experience on whether it is a viable option for this commute, please let me know. Any help would be great. Many thanks.

Although I had no intentions of going there and applied only because of a waiver, Golden Gate wins this hands down.  No responses from emails to admissions reps who had sent ME emails, acceptance letter shows up TODAY (I applied before Christmas), and the hokey package they sent is reminiscent of what I used to put together with construction paper in elementary school. Also, their scholarship offer and requirements are worded quite celverly, and nearly impossible to maintain (from what I can tell).

California Western and Arizona State are also well up my sh*t list as well, for similar, yet not so harsh, reasons.

Share yours. I actually think this is both useful to others and therapeutic to the soul.

Could someone furnish these?  I would like to compare them with last year's.

I want to practice International Law, plain and simple.  I'd like to become as knowledgeable about the area as possible, and specialize in Latin American international and comparative law.  I will be living in Florida, probably Tampa or maybe Miami in the long term, and hope that this will facilitate a great career in my chosen field as a specialist.  I speak Spanish, have a relatively decent, albeit rudimentary, knowledge of Latin America, and have traveled to several different countries in the region, with plans to do more in the future.  I also have some familial connections in the area, which I hope will add to my "legitimacy."

Anyways, I'm looking for opinions on whether getting a MA in International Relations with a concentration in Latin America or a MA in Latni American Studies would help me in my quest.  I envision in the long term either a career in politics, diplomacy, or something related, but not before some hard work in the trenches of course.  On the way to this goal I envision private practice or something in the DAs office; not too sure exaclty what yet.

With the likelihood of a considerable presence Hispanic/Latino constituency, or whether solely focusing on practicing International Law with a concentration on Latin America, would either of these degrees be beneficial to me, other than simply for educational purposes?  Would they help my resume in any sense, either the knowledge gained or the title on the wall?

I am now soliciting opinions.  Thanks for the time.

Am I an idiot?  I'm having some separation anxiety re:Miami now, and am beginning to rethink my move.

Either way its down.  Rip me apart.

Choosing the Right Law School / Stetson vs Chapman
« on: April 27, 2007, 07:10:31 PM »
And I don't care whether I end up living in SoCal or FL.  Full scholarship to Chapman, half to Stetson.  Cost of living in Tampa is obviously lower, but maybe spending a little extra to live in SoCal would be worth it.

I'm deadlocked.  Any input would be helpful.

Choosing the Right Law School / Attorney salary by area of practice
« on: April 23, 2007, 05:44:56 AM »
Does anyone know of any resource to find data on lawyer salary by area of practice?  I'm interested in seeing where my current legal interests fit in the spectrum of pay.


I may not be able to attend school where I want to, not even in the area, as something has come up that will keep me where I am for a few more years.  It has to do with wife, family, job, etc.  Can't be avoided (I'm not a spring chicken), so I have to rool with the punches.

Anyhow, I'm Canadian.  I live near Toronto, which is in Southern Ontario, about 2.5 hours from Buffalo, and 2.5 from Syracuse.  Detroit is about 6 hours away.  Where I wanted to originally relocate is FL, and I have been accepted and placed deposits at both Stetson and Miami, both with more than half scholarships.  FL is where I want to live and practice in the long term, settling there for good and planting family roots.  Eventually I had wanted to get into politics, etc.

The curveball comes (what it is is not really important), and I may be "stuck" here for a while.  The weather and atmosphere and culture of FL or possibly somewhere in the southwest is where I want to end up, but Tampa and/or Miami remain focal relocate point(s).  My conundrum is this: where should I go to end up where I want to?

Some ideas I'm kicking around: SUNY Buffalo, Syracuse, Detroit Mercy (with dual U Windsor LLB Canadian law degree - don't know how great of an idea that is), Albany, or Osgoode (York U in Canada for LLB and then move afterward).  I think the best ideas are Buffalo or Syracuse, and if situation allows for move after a year or two I could always TRY to transfer (I know, I know, don't count on it).  Neither school is top tier (2 and 3), and Albany is even further down I think at 4.  What are the realistic chances of being able to gain employment in my desired geographic area of FL from any of these schools?  This situation sucks, but I want to make the best choice I can.  I can't put school off any longer (I'm not a spring chicken), and have family and other goals to get to, so it's kind of like now or never.

Any ideas on what I've presented?  Any alternative ideas?  Please spill 'em, cause I may only have only the end of the weekend to get some late cycle apps off and hope for acceptance still.

Does Chapman's youth immediately trump Whittier's problems?  What kind of work do these grads get, and what kind of work is there at all in OC?

So I want to get into politics.  If I planned on working in the PD or DA office before getting into politics, would the school attended make THAT much of a difference?  What I really am asking is two parts: Would the school matter to get into the DA or PD office (I would think much less than Biglaw)?  Would the school matter terribly much when I get into politics?  I'm wondering if attending a 4th tier school would give me a poor rep when I ran for public office.

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