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So, I had made my mind completely up and was at peace with going to St. John's for law school on a full-tuition scholarship. I had even submitted my seat deposit/housing deposit a week ago (I probably wont' see it come back). I sent all the other schools I had received acceptances to an e-mail saying that I wanted to withdraw my name from consideration.

BUT, all of a sudden I received a call today from a lady at CU Boulder, saying that they had just sent me a letter saying I had received a FREE RIDE there, and thinking I hadn't received it yet, they were calling to see if I wanted to 'withdraw' my withdrawal...

Well, of course I did. CU Boulder is now ranked #36 in the country... great academics, gorgeous location, laid back atmosphere, in Colorado where I have family... how could I pass up the opportunity?

But now I'm facing a dilemma based on career prospects moreso than academics or other factors. St. John's is in NYC... while it's not one of the top-top schools in the city, finding a job shouldn't be too hard in the goldmine that the city and the state is. Boulder is a really nice town, and Colorado is a beautiful state, but I'm not quite sure what kind of career prospects are available there, and what my chances are finding a job outside the state should I decide I don't want to settle in Colorado (i.e. move to California or move back here to NY). I don't know what the value is of a license to practice in Colorado is, either, whereas St. John's has a 91% bar passage rate for NY, one of the toughest and most prestigious bars to pass.

I need all the help i can get! Two free rides in a cycle is amazing (I got 164 and 3.58 from a public school in NY... nothing too spectacular)... so what do I do??

I have a dilemma going on that I posted in response to another thread, but hopefully starting a new one will shed some more light.

I am at the end of my application cycle and have heard from all but 2 of my favorite schools (Fordham and BU are pending).

I haven't yet gotten a response from Fordham, however I have gotten acceptances from other schools including Boston College, Brooklyn and St. John's.

BC hasn't offered a scholarship yet, and I don't think they are going to.

Brooklyn offered me a similar scholarship package totaling 22,000 I think, contingent on placing in top 40%. That's 60% of the total tuition.

St. John's offered me a free ride, contingent on placing in the top 50%.

I'm not that well-off, and I am worried about the debt, and while the job prospects out of BC are fantastic, I don't know if that debt would be worth it. I want to work in NYC, and don't care much about working for huge money at BigLaw. Brooklyn, from what I've read, has a very strong local rep. Maybe not enough to guarantee a job in Biglaw unless I place in the top 5-10% but as I said, it doesn't bother me. I might do Public Interest, which is very strong at Brooklyn. St. John's has a fantastic alumni network and a 91% bar pass rate.

At this juncture I'm leaning toward Brooklyn until I hear from Fordham. I want to stay in the city, I want to have a good job coming out, if not fantastic, and I want to keep the debt as low as possible so that I don't have to waste the rest of my youth paying off debts and being a gun for a partner in BLaw.

Anyone who can provide advice, it'd be most appreciated.

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