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Current Law Students / Seeking Advice
« on: April 02, 2009, 10:24:38 AM »
So I'm a 2L at Texas Tech right now and am trying to get things setup for next year. I'm currently looking at two different options for the summer and am at an absolute deadlock as to what I want to do. A little back ground, after school I want to be a DA in one of the larger cities in Texas. My grades are average and I am not doing a journal or mock trial or anything. However what I have been doing for the past year is placing a particular emphasis on experience. I had my summer internship last year and when the program ended I ended up sticking around and have been there since. Now as I get ready for my next Summer I've been given two options:

Option One: Stay where I am in the DA's office, and get my 3rd year bar card. They've told me that they would like to try and get me some actual courtroom time which would be great experience. The downside of this is that the position would be unpaid (grr) however I really love working at this office.

Option Two: I've been offered a clerkship in the DA's appellate division for the summer. While this would be paid (though not much) I would not be getting the time in the courtroom. Also there is the consideration that I would be able to work on my writing skills and would get to learn a lot of lessons of what not to do as a prosecutor.

So the basic question I'm left with is what will employers see as a better way to spend my 2L summer? Any help would really be great!

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