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Have narrowed down my search to these two schools.

Received 10k from SCU renewable if I am in the top 1/3 of my class (appealed for more money last week, hoping to get more).
18k from USF, 10k renewable if I maintain a 3.2 GPA (from my research, I have found that USF has an insane curbe, with the top 10% of the class having a tad over a 3.3 GPA, so this is going to be very difficult to renew).

Looking to practice in the north bay or SF (do not want to work in the south bay, but I am willing to go to school there).

I am interested in agribusiness, which i know both these schools don't really offer, but everyone who I have talked to in this industry didn't go to school and concentrate in ag, they just got into it after graduation.

Do both schools have a similar alumni network? I know SCU has a fairly strong alumni network (considering its ranking), but not sure about USF. All things being equal, I would like to stay in SF and go to USF because I currently work and live here, and so does my gf.

I also received $27k from McGeorge, which I realize is a lot of money, but I think I would be miserable living in the Sacramento area, even though there is a lot of agribusiness there.

Unfortunately, USF also just took a huge hit in the rankings because of their horrible employment statistics which has me leaning heavily towards SCU :/

In undergrad, I transferred schools because I was miserable at my original school, and I don't want that to happen again. I would rather pay more to be happy then go somewhere that I loathed just to save some money.


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