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At the moment I don't have a US credit history, and therefore I am not eligible for US loans. I'm considering getting a US credit card (I do have a US bank account and SSN), to start building a good credit history in the US. I'm thinking this may help get loans to cover the third year.

Has anyone successfully done this as a foreign student?

Any information would be very welcome.

Harvard is starting to churn out waitlist decisions. For those of you who have received a waitlist verdict, had you had an interview before hearing?

As an international student, I am not eligible for federal loans. Furthermore, I cannot take out private loans from US firms, because those require permanent residency or a US co-signer.

I've been looking into scholarship options, but all I can find are essay contests for $500. English is not my first language, so I doubt I could win an essay contest, and even if I could, $500 really doesn't put a dent into the costs of law school.

This week I will make a round of some banks here in the Netherlands, to ask what loan options I have here. I think I could get some loans this way, but probably not $120,000 over three years, which is the amount I'm looking at. (NYU student budget, minus NYU scholarship, minus savings.) Universities here don't charge the type of tuition fees that exist in the US, so banks are not used to students asking for such amounts.

After this long-winded introduction finally my question: does anyone know of any other options I should look into? Is there any international student here who has found a way to borrow money in the US without a US co-signer? Or in his/her home country, and if so, how much?

I'd be very grateful for any hints or leads.

Law School Admissions / Not complete -- call? When?
« on: February 24, 2007, 08:51:47 AM »
I've applied to 12 schools in mid-January. My transcript arrived later at LSAC, but was sent out to the schools two weeks ago. Since then, five schools have informed me that my application is complete, seven have not. How long do I wait before I call them to inquire?

Haven't heard a thing from:
University of Maryland
UC Berkeley

Received initial acknowledgment-of-receipt e-mail, but no "complete" message from:
University of Pennsylvania

As far as I know I've sent all the required materials (transcripts directly to Yale and Northwestern, Dean's Certificate to several schools), but who knows if I overlooked something, or whether something got lost in the mail. It's quite late in the cycle -- how long do I wait before calling them?

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