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Law School Admissions / UChicago LRAP
« on: June 02, 2007, 06:05:03 PM »

Does anybody have any knowledge of the Chicago LRAP program? I would appreciate hearing from any Chicago students. I heard from somebody that they will bump the 5k a year up to 10k a year for some people who ask before committing.

I am accepted there and I would be grateful for any advice. Thanks!


What am I missing? Everybody that I know who does Biglaw seems to hate their existence. Plus you have no control over the terrible people you might represent. So it seems to me, cons: 1) No family life; 2) Souless Work; 3) Endless Work; 4) Alcoholism and 3 martini lunches.

I swear, on my train ride home from work every day over the summer the lawyers on the train would bring on these oversized beer cans--as if facing their life required constant self medication.

Yet on XOXOHTH and, to a lesser extent lawschooldiscussion, BIGLAW is the Holy Grail. What am I missing? Why not go do something worthwhile?

I am asking honestly.

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