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Black Law Students / Anybody have any Interesting Hobbies?
« on: July 28, 2007, 06:18:23 AM »
if you are in law school already, do you have time for them?

Do we have any artistic/athletic people that post here? 

Black Law Students / Comment on this paragraph from James Baldwin
« on: June 08, 2007, 02:53:01 PM »
Negroes know about each other what can here be called family secrets, and this means that one negro, if he wishes, can knock the others hustle - can give his game away.  It is still not possible to overstate the price a Negro pays to climb out of obscurity - for it is a particular price, involved with being a negro; and the great wounds, gouges, amputations, losses, scars, endured in such a journey cannot be calculated.  But even this is not the worst of it, since he is really dealing with two hierarchies, one white and one black, the latter modeled on the former.  The higher he rises, the less is his journey worth, since (unless he is extremely energetic and anarchic, a genuinely "bad n-word" in the most positive sense of the term) all he can possibly find himself exposed to is the grim emptiness of the white world-which does not live by the standards it uses to victimize him- and the even more ghastly emptiness of black people who wish they were white.  Therefore, one "exceptional" Negro watches another "exceptional"  Negro in order to find out if he knows how vastly successful and bitterly funny the hoax has been.  Alliances, in the great cocktail party of the white man's world, are formed, almost purely, on this basis, for if both of you can laugh, you have alot to laugh about.  On the other hand, if only one of you can laugh, one of you, ineveitably, is laughing at the other."

--James Baldwin,
Nobody Knows My Name

Any comments.  Antiquated?  Still relavent?  Was Jimmy tripping?  Personally, I would love to grow up and be this "bad ass n-word" he speaks of..

Black Law Students / is Hip Hop Poison or Art?
« on: February 23, 2007, 09:49:43 AM »
Did anyone watch that CNN special?  I saw some of it peicemeal.  personally I thought it was a pretty f'd up question to ask.  You see people like Brittney Spears and her shenanigans, and they just attack her, they dont attack her whole musical genre.  You have the Kurt Kobains, Navarrojos, Osbournes - basically you have all these hard drug addicted rockers killing themselves etc etc and they dont talk about rock like this. 

Anyway, I definately think its an art.  Some people have compromised it with money, but what doesnt get comprimised with money?  I thought Eric Dyson was on point, they had this black female lawyer on there (dont know why and forget her name) but she made a fool of herself talking about beats and how black people are rhythm driven and how she finds herself not listening to the lyrics because of it.  and then they had mcwhorter, who I hate.  johnny basically had nothing insightful to say and just hated. and Paula Zahn wanted so bad to make hip hop a poison, but dyson kept checking her.  hes a pretty sharp cat.

is a link to some clips.

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