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There's a lot of good information about lenders on this forum but has anyone come up with a clear winner? I will be attending the University of San Diego this fall and they have 4 main preferred lenders. They are:

1)Access Group
3)Total Higher Education (T.H.E.)
4)Wells Fargo

The link above gives us all the information we need on each lender. I am leaning towards Total Higher Education because it's a non-profit, is very flexible in terms of missing payments (not harsh), has good customer service from what I hear, and seems to have pretty good rates as well. In college I had federal loans, which I later consolidated with the government, and a private loan from Sallie Mae that I payed off in full. Sallie Mae's rates were insane and their customer service was horrible. Now that I'm going to law school, I am more educated on the importance of selecting a good lender. I would rather go with T.H.E. even if it is a little more just to have better service. Yet I think that they will save me money in the long run as well since T.H.E. has competitive rates and doesn't penalize you like the other companies do for missing a payment. What's the best lender out of these four? If I don't get any responses I'm just going to go with Total Higher Education. Thank you all in advance!

First off, I want to thank everyone for their input. My situation is this: I'm basically being scared to death about not being able to pay back my law school loans by my stepfather even though he was the one who pushed me to go to law school. Nevertheless, I am going to attend law school not because my family wants me to but because I want to. My family still doesn't see that my choice was based on my own interests rather than their arm twisting. Additionally, my stepfather has always said that I have the brains to do well in law school but now believes that I will flunk out because I have a bad work ethic, a belief that is based on my GPA. He thinks that I should go to Loyola Law School instead of the University of San Diego School of Law because Loyola is a stronger school. He has also successfully tutored law students in the past and wants to tutor me while I attend his alma mater. I don't think that his analysis is correct nor do I want to be around someone who is so insulting. On top of that, he is very arrogant and irritable. So why would I want to end up like him? I would rather go to school in San Diego than in downtown LA since my goal is to avoid LA.

Furthermore, my stepfather insists that those coming out of USD have the same job opportunities as those at Pacific-McGeorge, which offered me 15K a year, and that Loyola is in the same league as NYU. I think that he's insane. He says that it took him 10 years to pay back his loans and I expect the same unless I am at the top of my class. Now the question is, should I put up with going to school in a city that I don't want to practice in because USD supposedly has worse job prospects? I've heard that San Diego is in a tiny legal market and that it will be very difficult to find a job there. The positives of going to Loyola are that it's supposedly a stronger school with better job prospects, my family lives in LA, I already have a good place to live, and I will have a tutor if I stay here. On top of that, my family is likely to help me financially if I go to Loyola and might be less willing to do so if I go to USD. The negatives of going to Loyola are that I would likely end up in LA since the network is best here, I have to put up with my arrogant stepfather, I have to go to school in downtown LA, Loyola doesn't have the community feel that USD does, and Loyola's attrition rate is worse than USD's. My gut feeling tells me to go with USD and to pass on Loyola even though my stepfather would likely give me a job after law school. I just don't want to go to the same school as he did, I don't want to be like him, I don't like the atmosphere of Loyola or Los Angeles, and I would really prefer to get away. Am I really stupid for passing up all these opportunities or am I smart for going with my gut feeling and staying away from the lunacy here?

Hi everyone. I just received a deferral from Lewis and Clark and it's really upsetting since they did send me a fee waiver. I'm still hoping to get in but it will be April or May by the time they get back to me and I was wondering if I still have a good shot. I was also deferred at Indiana Bloomington a few weeks ago so I'm likely to hear from both of those schools at once. So, with the mass deferrals being given out at L&C, what are my chances? I do have the highest LSAT of anyone deferred on LSN so that makes me optimistic. They will likely pull the strongest applications from their deferral stack. Any opinions? Thanks to everyone in advance.

It seems to me that there are so many Christian and Catholic law schools in this country that it boggles the mind. If it were up to me, I would not mix religion with school but apparently some have the opposite point of view. Thatís fine with me but Iím Jewish and I wonít be going to a Christian or a Catholic law school with crosses on every corner. Yet I do not want to go to a Jewish law school either. It seems to me that the best education and the most diverse student body could only come from an educational institutional devoted to learning and not to religion but I could be wrong. Does anyone else feel that religion should not be part of the law school culture? Iím not saying that religious people should not attend; I am saying that I feel extremely uncomfortable in a religious setting and do not want my law school to profess any religious beliefs. If you feel that law schools should be religious or are somewhere in between, I would love to know why. Once again, Iím not saying that these law schools do not have the right to do this or are wrong. I am saying that they might be alienating people. Maybe the administration does not care, but if I were running a law school I would try to be as inclusive as possible.

I have been thinking on this subject for a while. I did not apply to Pepperdine because of the religious aspect. It had nothing to do with conservatism because I can deal with that. I am neither a liberal nor a conservative so I can be comfortable in both settings unless extremists are running their mouths. Anyways, I realize that Loyola Law School and the University of San Diego, among others, have religious affiliations, and I am looking to go to a secular law school. Am I crazy or does this make some sense? At the very least, I cannot be a happy Jew with crosses all over the place but thatís just me. So, law schools with religious affiliations do not appeal to me because I am not of that particular belief and if I were I still would not want to go to a religious school. Is this weird or overblown in importance?

The following thread reminded me of this topic.,64462.0.html

Choosing the Right Law School / Lewis and Clark or California Schools?
« on: February 12, 2007, 06:26:45 PM »
Hi everyone, I'm thinking about moving to Portland, Oregon if I get into Lewis and Clark for law school (with some money). They sent me a fee waiver and they are ranked 77th, which is higher than half of the schools I applied to in California. Plus they have a monopoly on Portland externships, and have the number one environmental law program in the country, so that is a major plus. Environmental law includes animals as well. So since I am interested in animal rights and the way we use our natural resources this would be a top choice (although I might want to do criminal law so Loyola might be better). Still, even if I get into Loyola Law School, the University of Indiana Ė Bloomington, and the University of San Diego, I might still go to Portland because I always wanted to move up north to get away from the California hustle and bustle. Clean air, green trees, nice people, and animal friendly environment are what I am looking for.
The law school is actually located across the street from a 645-acre wilderness state park and is in the forest basically (I can hike, bike, go camping, and fishing anytime). You study in the law library while looking down from the canopy. Plus dogs are allowed in class and in the library according to what I have read from students on Vault. I really like their stance on this. Plus many of the other law schools in California come from a religious foundation and do not appeal to me. So is California really the best place to live in? Since the Pacific Northwest legal market is very hard to get into if you come from out of the region and did not go to a top 14 school, this may be my only chance to go there. How drastic would this change be and would I have a culture shock from the state next door? It seems to me that I have been complaining my whole life about traffic, bad neighborhoods, an unclean environment, the high cost of living, and just recently about not being able to take my dog to places I go to.
Now I can probably get into this tier two school with a decent scholarship and have the privilege to learn from the #1 school on environmental law while having my dog in class on occasion. Is this a dream come true of am I missing something like the weak Oregon job market? Any suggestions or comments? I know I am making some serious life choices that will last for at least the next 5 to 10 years. So it is it worth going to a good school but not the highest ranked one you can get into and have worse job prospects in a place you really want to live in? The salary may be lower but I can practice the law I really want to. Plus cheap living costs and a cheap housing market offset the lower salary. So I am most likely going to be stuck choosing between a place that I would be happy at but financially poorer in and a place like LA where I can keep living close to my family and make a lot more money but probably hate it. You must be making similar choices. Please indulge me if you have the will and time. Thank you for your responses.  :)

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