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I'm looking for a place in the bay area and we are trying to decide whether to pinch pennies or find a place that meets our needs. We could live in a small apartment and save a couple hundred a month in rent and utilities or go for the house with the yard, garage, w/d and living space that will make us more comfortable for the next 3 years. Its probably at difference of around $12-15K in debt after its all said and done. What are your plans for living arrangments?

I went to visit the school I am going to be attending. And since I am very sensitive to race and equality issues I noticed right off the back that there is a serious lack of hispanics and blacks...tons Asians and East Indians which is expected...It just really makes me sick, maybe if our prisons weren't so over populated with Hispanics and blacks there would be more of them represented in the higher echolen of education. I mean, I knew this was the case, but still it blows my mind.  >:(

The word is getting around at my work that I am leaving to go to law school. Well now it seems like 40% of the people I work with have taken the LSAT and have applied or want to apply. The women that sits next to me graduated from Pacific but can't pass the bar, the guy next to her applied but didn't get into the the schools he wanted so he is going to try again next cycle. My friends husband wants to apply next cycle and there are alot of others who have come up to me talking or asking about the LSAT, schools...ect. Now I am wondering if there are really SO many people out there wanting to go to law school, or if I'm just more sensitive to it now. Kinda like when you buy a new car and suddenly you see your car everywhere?

Also it might come with the territory because I am a social worker and have contact with people who work in the courts and law enforcement.

But, is it like this all over? Like 30% of the population wants to go to law school? (at least it feels like 30%  ;))

My fathers wife doesn't work and has offered to take care of the baby and help out around the house for very cheap because she is excited to be "grandma". However, they live about a 40 minute comute away from the school. (Hastings)

The other option is living close to the school, maybe the tower and have my husband take off about six months from work since he is going to have to find a new job in the bay area anyway.

What do you think will make things easier, having my step-mother help out which will save us alot of money, but we'd have to live near them far away from the school, or would it be better to live close to the school but have my husband take off work?

What is option to you think would work out best?

My mother is hard of hearing so its hard to talk to her. Not only that but my family on that side are Mexican immigrants and have no clue as to what law schools is, I mean other then that it makes lawyers. She doesn't see the point in me quiting my job and going into debt when I already have a degree and she does see why I can't work and go to school like I did in undergrad. I try to explain to her that is alot more intense and structured, but she doesn't get it.

So I was thinking maybe there was some reading material out there or a good movie about the law school experience I could share with her, because she thinks I'm going off to play land or something.

Any idea how I can get her to understand better?

I am so happy to have gotten into UC Hastings  :D, but when I looked into the that cost of living in the bay area it was a serious shocker. Its funny because I was in the Army living in the south and used to seeing nice houses for 100K or 2 bedroom apartments renting for $500 a month. Then I came back to Sacramento and was complaining about having to pay $900 for a 2 bedroom apartment, never realizing that that's NOTHING compared what it cost to live in the San Francisco Bay Area...which is only 90 minutes from me.  So, Hastings is about 10K cheeper then all of the other private schools I applied to, however its made up for plus some in cost of living. All this got me to thinking about the debt I will be in.

I just want to know everyone's thoughts on it because its hard to wrap my brain around at this point and I don't really have a clear idea of what the impact is going be after graduation. Anything thoughts?

I filled out my FAFSA on time, but the schools' deadline was March 1st and I just got in today.

Choosing the Right Law School / Seat Deposits
« on: March 02, 2007, 08:15:39 PM »
How long do we have to wait before we get a decision from all of our "pending schools"?

It looks like seat deposits are due right around the corner and I haven't got a decision in a month and half. Should I be ancipating them soon or can they give you a decision as late as they choose? I also would like to visit the school before I put down my deposit but that doesn't look like its going to happen.

My situation is weird. I never met my father until I was about 19 and therefore the rest of my family on his side (but I have his stupid last name thanks to an old fashion mother). I have only known my paternal grandparents for about 7 years. They are pretty well off (for my standards, they are retired and gross about 130K a year, with sustanial savings). They have recently paid off their home and my grandpa was fussing about having to take money out of his IRA due to his age. I have thought about asking them for a loan, something conservative like 20K, but I was thinking they would have offered if they were willing to do it. My grandfather told me how he loan gave my aunt 30K for a down payment on a house years ago. They help her alot, but then again she is 40, living with them and making 25% less then me. I am their only grandchild and they are extremely proud of me, but I don't know why they wouldn't offer to help me, other then they think I'm doing better then I really am.

Should I be so bold as to ask? Would you? If so, how do I ask them?


I rushed to open my letter for UOP to find out that it wasn't my admissions letter, but instead an invitation to law day in April!  :-\ Should I take this as a sign I got in, or should I take it to mean nothing about admissions status?

Thanks for your insight

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