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In the words of Richard Gere in An Officer and a Gentleman, "I GOT NO WHERE ELSE TO GO!"

I'm killing my LSAT PTs breaking 170 pretty often, studying my ass off, doing everything right, 4 hours a day,every day until 170+ becomes routine.  Then I got the news.  LSAC requires ALL records from ALL schools.  I was planning to just omit my bad grades from schools I thought were well in my past, and would just submit my BA 3.86 GPA.  that dream was dashed with horror stories of the bar finding old records, after graduation, LSAC finding out and people being expelled.  My GPA will take a hit a HUGE hit bringing me to 2.0 IF I'M LUCKY. 

If I destroy my LSAT like I know I can I still have a chance at a decent school according to the probability calculator on and even if I go full retard that day and get a 160 I will still have a chance at some lower end schools.

There is the matter of financial obligation to these schools, and a whole host of factors that may make it even harder.  So I'm thinking of scrapping the idea of law school.  Some guy even gave me a link to Inside the Law School Scam.  After all that work I may have heavy debt in a dying profession, oh great. 

So what are my options?  What would you do?  I have a degree in history, HISTORY, I run my family business which, while an excellent business, is not something I want to, nor should count on for a sustainable future.  I have a wife and two kids and law school was my ace in the hole.  Now I have nothing.

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