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So now its time to make that decision...

I have an offer from Bklyn Law (25,000 a year + housing subsidy) and 17,500 a year from Cardozo- While Cardozo is developing a better reputation, Bklyn is more established and has more alums in the New York City & Tri-State area-
What to do?

Also, havent heard from Fordham yet. I  received a very promising letter of deferral in  December and told that would receive the final word before March. Its almost April and I haven't heard anything yet. Is anyone in a similar situation? Also, if I do eventually get into Fordham, its highly unlikely that I will receive any scholarship money, so...then what?

I have one week left to decide and I feel like I'm going to end up sending out several deposits! Does anyone have any advice regarding the matter? What is more important- the money or the prestige? and how do Brooklyn and Cardozo compare?

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