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Of my three LOR's, I've read two of them.  The other was sent off without the recommender showing me.  Is there a way through LSAC that I can view the letter?  I also read on some other threads here that there is/was a waiver for viewing the LOR's.  Please tell me more and help jog my memory to see if I recall signing or approving the waiver.  I appreciate your feedback and help.  Thanks and good luck to all.

This is shameless, but if anybody has any t-shirts from law school acceptance offers, I would like a few random ones.  Ones from schools to which I have applied would be great.  In that case, I can have some to put over a pistol range target to take out some of my underachieving frustrations.  This is a serious inquiry, though.  Please let me know if I can have your unwanted clothes.

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