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Financial Aid / Stafford loan rate of %4.55 too good to be true?
« on: July 12, 2007, 09:46:41 AM »
I've been searching for lower Stafford loan rates and came across National Education.  They offer all kinds of fee reductions and lower interest rates.  Does anyone have experience with National Education? Anyone aware of any risks with this lender?  It seems too good to be true vs the %6.8 standard Stafford rate.

We all know law school is competitive by its very nature (as is the profession), and therefore we expect it as part of the culture.  However, some schools are known to be extremely cutthroat while others tend to be much less competitive and more collegial.  Cutthroat here is defined as limited outline sharing, books missing, attempts to psychologically rattle peers, grades posted publicly, etc.  For those who have done their homework on various schools, toured the campuses, and obtained a sense of the "atmosphere", I'm curious to know, based on anecdotal evidence, reputation, and observations (i.e. completely unscientific approach), which schools are/seem to be the most Collegial and most Cutthroat?

Law School Admissions / School Decisions and FAFSA Priority Date
« on: February 11, 2007, 12:06:56 PM »
Perhaps someone can provide clarification for me on this issue.  The FAFSA priority dates for financial aid at law schools are in early to mid March.  I noticed when filling out the Internet FAFSA application that a maximum of six schools can be specified.  I have not heard back yet from a number of law schools and I have applied to more than six schools which I think is typical for most applicants.  To complicate matters, I've been waitlisted at my top choice.  It's not clear to me whether or not I'll hear back from all the law schools by early/mid-March.  I'm interested to know how people are going about selecting which schools they select for the priority date given the fact that you may not have heard from every law school by the FAFSA priority date.  If I'm just totally missing something here please let me know.

To include or not to include: that is the question.  There are varying opinions on the subject of whether or not the name of the law school should be included in the personal statement to "personalize" it.  I'm not referring to writing about a law school's specific details, rather, just including the law school's name in the text of the personal statement at some point.  Some argue that law schools frown on this because it appears as though the applicant is sending a general purpose statement and copy-pasting the school names.  Others argue that law schools recognize students are likely to be sending the same personal statement to multiple schools and therefore the inclusion of the law school name is not a detriment.  An argument can be made that a law school statement with no reference to the law school is lacking a significant piece of the essay while others will say that placing the law school name in generic text can make the applicant look superficial.  So what do you think?  Does including the law school name in a generic context improve, detract from, or not make a difference  in the personal statement?

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