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Incoming 1Ls / All Things NYC
« on: April 12, 2007, 06:04:57 PM »
I know there is bookoo NYC info scattered around this site, but it seems worthwhile to dedicate a thread to helping simple folk like me understand life in NYC and decide whether they should move there.  Ill start with two questions:

1. Ill be bringing a dog with me if I go, but probably wont be able to make proximity to parks a huge consideration in my apartment hunt, since finding a good deal is already enough of a pain.  Are there enough parks scattered around the city (Im looking specifically in Brooklyn, but I guess this applies to all of NYC as well) that there is likely to be one within reasonable walking distance of where I live?  If not, my dog would certainly get depressed and Id feel guilty as hell.  I don't suppose they allow dogs on the subway, do they?  I guess Id be able to put a basket on my bike, put her in there and ride a few miles to a park, but riding on the street with NYC traffic seems terrifying enough without a 30 lb dog in tow.

2. Ive heard that having a car in Manhattan is basically impossible, but is on-street parking any more available in other boroughs (sp. Brooklyn)?  My car is only about a year and a half old, and Id hate to have to sell it.  Plus, I have a lot of family and friends scattered throughout the northeast, so I would use it frequently for weekend getaways even though Id rarely touch it during the week.  How available, costly, convenient and secure are the long-term parking lots?  Would hookers be turning tricks in my car like in that Seinfeld episode?

Thanks in advance for the great advice youre going to give me.  Please add your own questions, potential New Yorkers.

Financial Aid / Possible to start aid process prior to 2L?
« on: March 05, 2007, 06:57:50 AM »
Due to a misunderstanding about the benefits of taking out loans and an overall ignorance about the process, I didn't apply for any need-based aid for 1L.  I can manage 1L with my own assets and a loan from parents, but after thinking about it I don't want to rely as heavily on them or drain their resources as much as would be necessary for all three years.  Would it be possible to pay for 1L myself, then fill out the fafsa and jump through the various hoops for an aid package prior to 2L, or are you SOL if you don't arrange aid prior to 1L?  Thanks. 

Let's try to get a picture of the general/priority proportion so we can better make sense of the LSN waitlist data and assess our chances.

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