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General Off-Topic Board / What's grosser than gross?
« on: May 17, 2007, 01:38:06 PM »
Shoving 12 oysters up your grandmother's vagina and sucking out 13.

Note: the following is based on my experiences, but I hope a rational discussion can follow.

The oft-cited reason seems to be "so that I don't accidentally sit down with the seat up." To me, and I would think most men, this should be a completely invalid reason. Never before in my life have I sat down on a toilet without wiping it first. That's just gross.

Also, I'm talking specifically about private bathrooms in your house. If you don't wipe before using a public restroom... wow.

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / UVA ASD Roll Call!!!
« on: March 28, 2007, 05:47:21 AM »
It's tomorrow! I know there's already an ASW thread, but perhaps we can breathe new life. I don't know if bad things happen when LSDers meet in real life, but it'd be nice to know who to look for.

I'll be getting in sometime tomorrow afternoon, and my student host has already explained that we will be going to bars. My self-tar has been up for years, so it shouldn't be too hard to find me.

With the recent flurry of X v. Y threads, I decided to create a one-stop shop of sorts. Here's what I need from you.


First, list ONLY the schools you're considering attending, then answer the following questions subjectively (or objectively [ties are acceptable, but please list all schools]):

1. The school with the best location (factor in local activities, proximity to SO's, etc.)
2. The school that will overall cost you the least (cost of living included)
3. The highest ranked school (according to whichever source matters to you; personal rankings count)
4. The school that you think will give you the best job prospects (go with overall flexibility as opposed to what you think you might want to do, since that could easily change; factor in location as well)
5. The school that best seems to fit your personality
6. Finally, write down (or type, I guess) the first school from your list that comes to mind.

Next, rank each of the first 5 criteria (1-5) in terms of how important they are to you on a scale of 1-5, 1 being least important and 5 being most important. For example, if you don't care about cost, rank it 1. There must be a 1, a 2, a 3, a 4, and a 5. No ties.

I'll start as an example:

1. NYU - 2
2. UVA - 3
3. NYU - 1
4. NYU/UVA - 4
5. UVA - 5
6. NYU

Choosing the Right Law School / NYU v. UVA
« on: March 21, 2007, 06:59:46 AM »
You can throw in Georgetown too, but I personally think that for what I want, NYU trumps Gtown in everything.

Here's my breakdown of the 2:

NYU: I'm the kind of person that really wants to have lived in New York at some point in life. I figure there's no better time to do it than as a student; I'll be able to play in NYC as opposed to constantly working in it. However, NYU (and NYC) is very expensive; as such, my crushing student loan debts might restrict where I decide to work post-graduation to only the major mega-markets. I would probably prefer living in a smaller mid-sized market (maybe Charlotte, or somewhere in Florida, something like that), but I worry that NYU's reach further down the east coast might be a little weaker than UVA's, and the lower salary from these markets might make them an unviable post-grad option anyway.

UVA: UVA's major advantage is cost: as an in-state resident, I would be saving about 15-20k a year over NYU (after factoring in CoL). This would make it much easier for me to ignore the siren call of the mega-bucks of the mega-markets, plus it seems that Charlotte/Florida is a much more common and natural destination post-grad for UVA than NYU. Ironically, however, going to UVA would probably make me more inclined to go to NYC post-grad since, as I said, I have a strong desire to have spent part of my life there. 3 years in Charlottesville would be nice, I'm sure, but the call of 3 years in NYC might be too tempting to pass up.

At the moment I'm probably leaning NYU. I'm curious if anyone else is in the same (or similar) predicament, and I'm hoping for opinions, dialogue, new insights, advice, whatever you're willing to offer. Any information about me that you need (such as what I hope to practice in [right now litigation, but that covers such a wide spectrum I might as well just say 'law']) I will be only too happy to supply you with. Thanks. 

General Off-Topic Board / Who is your local ambulance chaser?
« on: March 09, 2007, 10:27:51 AM »
You know, the one attorney with the really cheap commercials and awe-inspiring nickname?

I'll start:

Lowell "The Hammer" Stanley

I'm sure there are a lot of us in the same boat: applied at least a month and a half ago but haven't heard a word. Forget complete notices; I haven't even gotten the "we received your application" notice! For all I know, they don't even have my application. If it's been a month and a half and NYU hasn't made any effort to let me know that they even have my application, is it a good idea to call? Or should I just trust that they have it and expect their first correspondence with me to be my ding? Thanks in advance.

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