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I graduated in June 2003 and have moved out of state & lost touch with my former professors. I did some volunteer T.A. work for the Philosphy Director who agreed to write a LOR as compensation/thanks. I am also confident that I could ask my Pre-Law & mock trial advisor for one.

How do I go about requesting letters from instructors I haven't seen or spoken to in 3.5 years?

(I plan to sit for my LSAT in June 2007 & then apply for the Fall 2008 term)

(Thanks in advance to everyone's assisatance)

General Off-Topic Board / OJ's book & tv appearance cancelled
« on: November 20, 2006, 02:06:31 PM »
Good because: he is losing the audience for his "hypothetical" confession

Bad because: the money he would have made was supposedly being routed to his children, and because with no income he can continue to ignore paying the civil judgement awarded to the victims' families.

How early should I register for the June 2007 LSAT test?
Does June fill up quickly?
I think that 7+ months is enough time to study & prepare but that February is too soon to take the test. I hope to get my application packet in when rolling admissions begin in September.

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