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I was recently accepted to both DePaul and Loyola.  DePaul was my first acceptance, and is offering a $4000 a year for four years (part-time) if I keep a 2.3 gpa.  Loyola is only offering student loans, and is offering no scholarship money.  My question is, given that I have a scholarship offer from DePaul (that I am not likely to lose considering the GPA requirement), should I go there over Loyola?  Would my job prospects be better graduating from Loyola?  Or would the job prospects be about the same?  I have heard that between the two schools, they are neck and neck in the rankings, so it really wouldn't matter which school I went to.  However, I had my heart set on Loyola, but I am now seriously considering DePaul because of the scholarship money.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Current Law Students / JD-LLM - Good Idea?
« on: June 01, 2008, 08:16:55 PM »
I am looking at applying to law school as a joint JD/LLM candidate. I am looking to get into Corporate Law with an emphasis on Corporate Tax Law.  Would a joint JD with an LLM in Corporate Tax make sense, or would I be limiting my chances of landing a Corporate Law job at a big/mid law firm? 

Thanks to all for their inputs and thoughts!

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