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Where should I go, st. mary's or south texas law school? I think that they are about the same in tuition and both are t4. As to their bar passage, they are about the same.I don't know if i'll be getting money for stlc and i just got loans for st. mary's. Any input is appreciated.

I need grammar experts to review my ps. I  really appreciate your help and thank all of those that decide to volunteer.

I'm about to send my applications and would like to hear if my ps is ready to be sent. Please, i need readers. Thanks.

This is my third draft.  :-\ I would like to hear some feedback about this draft. Your help is appreciated.

I just finished my resume and would like to have some feedback. Your help will be appreaciated.

i need some feedback on my ps. Any help will be appreciated

I already know who are going to be my recommenders but i would like to know what information to give them in order to make their job easier. I guess I would like to know what the recommendations should include so that I have a greater chance of being admitted to law school.

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