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I have rough drafts of two possible Yale 250s, and really need some feedback about which (if either) to use.  Since my full personal statement is very personal, I'm using them to demonstrate analytical thinking instead of telling them more about me.  But it's such an awkward length for an argument!  I'd really appreciate any help -- comment and I'll PM to you.

Law School Admissions / Writing "why"/choosing a top choice
« on: October 04, 2007, 07:36:01 PM »
Two questions about those pesky "why ___" essays:

1. How long should they be, if the school doesn't state a limit?  1 page or so?

2. If I'm applying to a school that right now is my first choice, but I know that these things change, is it prudent to say in my "why" essay that it's my top pick?  I don't want to be unethical or break any unwritten rules.  I really, really love the school right now, but I can't 100% guarantee that I would attend there next fall if a bunch of schools admitted me.  I don't want to tie myself to anything, which is why I didn't do early decision.

My two recommenders finally got their acts together and submitted letters for me.  I want to send them notes to thank them as well as small gifts (I'm thinking a box of Godiva chocolates for one, a bottle of wine for the other, who I know is on a diet).  When should I send them?  I kind of want to do it now, but I feel like the letter would be better if it came after some sort of good news.  But as we all know, that could mean waiting until the Spring!  Maybe sending the gift and thank you note now, and an e-mail when/if some good news comes in?  Also, any better ideas than chocolate and wine?

Law School Admissions / Send applications before LORs arrive?
« on: October 02, 2007, 06:19:14 PM »
I have everything set for my apps -- PS, resume, supplemental stuff, transcript -- but my LORs still have not been sent to LSAC (they will both be FedExed by Friday).  Is it better to submit my applications and pay for reports now, wait until the LORs are processed, or does it make no difference at all?


Law School Admissions / Clueless about chances
« on: July 24, 2007, 04:04:14 PM »
Hi all.  I'm applying to law schools this coming fall and have very little idea about how many schools I should apply to/where I have a good shot.  I just graduated from Princeton with a 3.65 and a 172 LSAT.  Unremarkable extracurriculars, excellent recommendations and job experience.  I'm thinking of applying to:


I know that Harvard, Stanford and Columbia are huge reaches, but are the rest more doable?  Should I throw a deeper safety in there?  Thanks so much for any help.

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