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Current Law Students / Terrible Business Actions
« on: January 25, 2013, 06:43:34 PM »
Hello fellow students seeking or having received a degree. Today I was baffled by what has went down.

A lady came too a friends doorbell and handed him a paper stating that he was being sued for debt from a credit card he quit using in 2010. Now the thing that is baffling me is that the issued date for this summons was August 24th 2012. Now the stamps on this paper as well say they expired Dec 30, 2012.

My friend wants to get a lawyer on this to see whats what and try and go for a settlement, but I, though only recently getting into law, do not believe it to be needed as this seems like a big scam. This summons was last year, and he just now received it on the 25th of jan, 2013. Should he seek further help, or should he ignore it?

Thank you,
Fellow law lover!

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