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Law School Admissions / Major Study Advice
« on: September 07, 2013, 11:52:53 PM »
Everything I have read about law school all says the major doesn't really matter as much as GPA/LSAT.  I am in Military Intelligence in the Army and aspire to go to Law School here in Texas.  I am currently a student at Wayland Baptist University and am about 1 year away from a B.S. Degree in Justice Administration.  I have now however, an oppurtunity to change my major to a B.A.S. in Intelligence Operations.  It will keep my GPA right at about the same, within a few hundredths of points around 3.7.  Alot of the college credit is from Military Training rather than academia.  Is this going to work against my favor and how are law schools likely to react to a major like Intelligence Operations?  Law School I am considering are here in Texas, UH, UT, St Mary's, Baylor, South Texas College of Law.

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