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Choosing the Right Law School / Advice on Deciding Where to Attend
« on: January 16, 2013, 10:26:37 AM »
Hey everyone,

Just recently and happily ventured over here from TLS.

So here's my situation. I have been accepted to the following schools - scholarship follow the hyphen and are listed per year with stipulations.

Nova Southeastern - $18K - 2.7 GPA (Median)

Florida International - $0 (for now; I believe I will obtain the First Generation Scholarship of up to $5K) - In-state Tuition

Stetson - $12K - good academic standing 2.0 GPA

Miami - $0

Ave Maria - $35K - 3.0 GPA (Median)

St. Thomas - $28K - 2.5 GPA

DePaul - $15K - no stipulations

Michigan State - 25% Trustee's Scholarship - don't know stipulation yet

I am waiting to hear back from Emory, Saint Louis University, Indiana-Bloomington, Case Western, Ohio State, and Cincinnati. I think these schools will reject me other than SLU and Case Western. The only way I would attend SLU is with big $$$, but I doubt itll be anything more than 50%, if that.

I have a 3.1 and 156 LSAT. Not retaking

I live in South Florida, so Nova, FIU, Miami, and St. Thomas would have little to no COL.

As of now, what would you guys choose? I will update soon if I am admitted to any of these schools.

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