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Canadian Law Students / U of T for a future career in Vancouver?
« on: April 26, 2007, 10:27:00 PM »
Currently my vague plan is to go to U of T, possibly article in Toronto, and then move back to the West Coast. I am from Victoria, and I would like to practice in Vancouver eventually for the "lifestyle" considerations, proximity to family, etc.

The reason I want to go to U of T is because it is the most prestigious school in Canada, and I think that a degree from there would serve me well. Also, I know a lot of people in Toronto, and have liked the city when I have visited there. I also want to go there because I DO NOT want to go to UVic since I did my undergrad there and am fed up with the lefty politics all the hippies... UBC seems to rank poorly in most regards (especially student satisfaction), so I am kind of adverse to going there. 

Now I have read all the talk on this board about how Vancouver is supposed to have a glut of recent law school graduates and correspondingly low salaries, but really, Vancouver is a pretty sweet city IMO.

Anyhow, does my plan seem like a good one (assuming I get into U of T with my 176 LSAT and my 3.7 GPA including all 4 years)? Maybe I should go to UBC? Maybe I should forget the whole country and go to NYU?

Hey guys,

My numbers are 3.72 GPA and 176 LSAT, and I'm going to be applying for the top 5 schools in the States (Yale, Harvard, Stanford, NYU, Columbia), as well as some Canadian options (I'm Canadian).

So my question is: I have ahd a fairly unorthodox personal life for a pre-law student. A good portiong of my undergraduate career was spent playing in and obsessing about my various rock and roll bands. I play in two now. I have maybe gigged with 10 or more bands in my life, playing drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, banjo, mandolin and singing. We have never really had much success financially or anything, but one of my bands has toured across Canada, and we're about to go again. I'm also a dedicated and constantly learning recording engineer. I've considered being a professional musican/engineer, but I feel like I would be maybe be wasting my intellectual abilities, and most older dudes that I see who have gone that route seem to have had a rather unsatisfying and hard life. I'm content at this point to be an entertainment lawyer and be a hobby musician/engineer. Do you think that this content will make for an OK personal statement?

I was pretty plugged in academically, but I was never on the debate club or got any awards or anything.


Choosing the Right Law School / 3.72 GPA/ 176 LSAT = Top 4?
« on: October 20, 2006, 09:51:12 PM »
Do I have a good chance at Yale/Harvard/NYU/Columbia with those numbers? (That is my cumulative GPA, btw. Do American schools go by that, or do they take out the worst year's worth of credits as most schools do here in Canada? With that procedure, I am 3.83)

My extracurriculars are not stellar at all.

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