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For those who don't want to read this see below:

A)Go to Law School, screw the job
B)Save some money then go next year


If your willing to read on, see below:

So I had all but decided to go to Mississippi College this fall until today when I gave them another deposit. I called my boss and told her my plans and she said if you would stay and take a promotion I would pay you more money and you'd have a better job. My first reply was no, I am more interested in going to Law School than I am working in my current field. Here is where it gets complicated.

07/07/07 I am getting married and spending a small fortune. I'd get back from the honeymoon and have three weeks before I need to move to another state an start school leaving my then wife behind in NY for the next 9 months with occasional visits on 1 or 2 weekends and different holidays. I'd be taking out loans for school and starting with only 5k in my account for whatever I might need that loans wouldn't cover.

The other option I have is to take the job I was offered today for more money and defer my enrollment for yet another year. If I did that, I'd have an entire year with little expenses and save about 1500k per month (maybe more) for the next 12 months. When all is said and done I'll have saved enough money to pay for my first year of LS out of pocket or at least part of a few semesters.

The me factor; I am tired of waiting to go to school again and I don't want to waste another year waiting to go to Law School. My job is somewhat satisfying for the moment but I'm bored with it, and even though it keeps me busy and I'm very good at it, I am uninterested most of the time. My fiance would prefer I stay for the year and then go but she said she's cool with whatever I do.

All this considered anyone have some thoughts?

Thanks for reading.

I visited MSCOL this week and here is my review....

The Law School itself is pretty small. It is situated in the heart of Jackson which isn't much to look at but not bad. It reminds me of Syracuse. The school occupies two building which used to be 3 but are now connected. The building is historic although the extensive renovations inside and out make it look new. Parking is abundant and security is out in force. I didn't go around down town much but it seemed ok, not quite a book metropolis but not small town hell hole either. The suburbs range from poor to very nice. One is north of the city near a lake and it was very nice and had easy access to the main routes into Jackson. There seemed to be plenty of restaurants and other places to go and hang out in that suburb and a few others near the main campus.

The library is being renovated so I didn't get a chance to see it however I was told it has many good materials on hand and a large collection of electronic books. I was told that the main campus has a much larger library (more on that campus to come). The lecture halls and moot court are well equipped with electronics and other media ports and outlets. Each classroom is pretty large with tiered seating and what seemed like comfortable chairs.

The main campus I spoke of is in a decent suburb called Clinton. The main campus was nice and pretty large. It covered quite a bit of ground and the buildings were all quite large. It reminded me of the University of Rochester or Syracuse University. All law students have full access to the main campus and everything it has, even the housing.

The housing outside of campus is generally in the suburbs. Don't look in the city, it has some apartments but they are generally sub-standard and over priced. Besides the area where they are needs a boost. Apartments in the suburbs, like the one mention by the lake which I think might be called Lake Land, are much better and well priced. Most apartments give discounts to Law Student and the Dean of admissions and the admissions office personnel can all recommend you to apartments owned by alumni and often rented to students at a discount of about 5%-10%.

Overall, the school was nice and the professors seemed very intelligent and well practiced. The assistant dean was a nice guy who was educated at Penn State and NYU. He told me about clerkships given this year to the top 5 1ls in the school that paid $1600 per week and other paid internships and clerkships given to about 50% of the students. I am still undecided on the school as I want to stay in NY or transfer back if possible but if you like MS then it is a good school to go to. We'll see what happens.

I'd post more but my laptop is about to quit on me.



Choosing the Right Law School / My options, needs some feedback
« on: April 24, 2007, 06:16:05 PM »
Ok, here it is. I am in at St. Thomas (Florida)and Mississippi College, and wait-listed at Albany. After lots of research, Mississippi seems like the best school, considering bar passage rates, employments rates after 9 months, salaries after graduation, and other factors.

I could do any of the following:

Attend Mississippi and try to transfer out to a school I would prefer more or stay and complete my degree there.

I could stay with my current job making about 37k per year with a likely promotion in the fall getting me about 42-43k per year.

Scrap both ideas and follow my undergrad major and become a police officer someplace where I can get a good pension.

I have other options obviously but these are the three rattling around in my head lately. My main goal in 20-25 years is to travel. Travel is the one thing I am absolutely certain I want to do. I have traveled all over the world for months on end and would like to continue doing so in the future even if it is only for a few weeks at a time.

All things considered, what are your thoughts? What about my three options, what seems like the best path?

I need some outside opinions.


I am looking for a web site that has reviews given by students of the school. I want to hear opinions from current or former students only. Anyone know a good site?

Choosing the Right Law School / Thoughts on Mississippi College?
« on: March 26, 2007, 05:57:33 PM »
Any thoughts on Mississippi College? I'm wait listed at Albany and St. Thomas, and still have apps. out in Vermont and Rhode Island.

Choosing the Right Law School / WTF should I do now?
« on: October 24, 2006, 06:54:05 PM »
Ok, here it goes. I recieved a 147 in 04 on the LSAT and didn't study at all. I took this last LSAT and got the same damn score. I've looked it over and it's clear I killed myself with the long reading comp and a big mistake on a logic game, not to mention when I fell short on the Reading comp and LG sections I guessed and got none correct.

So where to go from here? I was accepted last year to some AAMPLE program at Nova and I had them hold my seat until Fall of 07. I really don't want to go there since it costs too much and lets face it the education probably isn't as good. I can apply to some schools and hope for a miracle but Im guessing I won't get in. Im might have a job lined up as a backup plan with the NYS Troopers making 65k per year but it's a maybe since it's a long process and only about 200 hundred people will be accepted of the 600 being processed. I could retake the LSAT (again) and wait to send my apps in but this would be a disadvantage if my score didn't go up enough or at all.

Given the situation, what is my best course of action? If I get the Trooper job I'll probably take it unless I get into a school I'd like to go to. I don't have moneye for prep classes or anything and I've only been able to study on my own. I'd hate to re-retake but I would if it made sense. Anyways, I'm pretty sure Im screwed here but what does everyone think?

I've got a few versions of the same statement (minor variations)and other statements on the same topic that are very different. If someone can read two of my statements (the ones I like the most)and tell me which one is better and maybe critique the better of the two, I'd really appreciate it. They are peppered with grammar flaws but I'll sort those out later. Let me know if you can take a look.

General Off-Topic Board / Here's my options, what are your thoughts
« on: September 27, 2006, 12:39:18 PM »
So Im taking the LSAT for the second time in a few days and I just received a conditional offer of employment from the New York State Troopers. I want to go to law school more than become a trooper but both have appealing aspects to me.

Becoming a trooper would mean I could start my career and have a pention at half pay after 20 years. I'd start out making approx 51k during academy and then be raised to 62k after accademy. After one year it would go up to 64k (not including overtime). This sounds like a nice option or at least good alternative. Anyone have any thoughts on this? I'm sure if I get into the school I want I'll go, but what if I don't? Should I go for the tier 3 and pay 35k per year or should I take the money and run?

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