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Choosing the Right Law School / US News Rankings are Bogus
« on: September 16, 2006, 06:41:57 PM »
Take my law school, UC Hastings for example. In literally EVERY other ranking out there, UC Hastings is far better than its US News rank. You know something is wrong with your ranking system when literally EVERYONE ELSE has hastings ranked higher than you. It's not just random statistical variance with some coming in lower... US News rankings are bogus I feel seriously sorry for students who base their decisions off them... like kids who go to davis over hastings... if you look at the exterior numbers hastings has way higher bar passage rates, top firm recruitment, and median salary levels than uc davis.

UC Hastings
2007 US News Rank: 43rd

2007 Educational Quality Rank: 29th (
2007 Justice Brennan's Top 20: 11th (
Median Salary: tied for 18th with UC Berkeley (
2006 Leiter's Student Quality Ranking: 34th (
Leiter's Faculty Quality Rankings: 23rd (
Bar Passage Rate vs. Average: 9th (
Law School 100: 35th (
Consensus Group 100: 26th (
Leiter's Top Firms Recruiting: 20th - 200 (

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