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Law School Admissions / Which major to select???
« on: June 16, 2004, 08:54:30 AM »

I just transfered to Washington University in St. Louis from a small liberal arts college in New Jersey. In the fall, I will be a junior. I decided to transfer primarily to boost my chances of admission to either harvard, columbia, or chicago law school. Even though I am a transfer student, Wash U. is accepting almost all of my credits which grants me some degree of academic flexibility.

What I am wondering is; will certain majors make me a more appealing applicant to one of the nation's top law schools (where admission's competition is obviously quite keen). At my previous college, I was close to finishing my majors in political science and philosophy. However, I suspect that the overwhelming majority of law school applicants have this identical major or something similar. To separate my application from the masses I am contemplating changing the philosophy major to either Women's Studies, Arabic Studies, or african-american studies. I have tremendous interest in each of these majors so I was wondering which would look the best on a law school application and would they be better than the philosophy major.

I should be a competitive applicant because my GPA is above a 3.8 and I expect to earn a 170+ on my lsats. Accordingly, I am trying to figure out ways to give my application that extra "umph". My other question is, would it be advantageous to label Missouri as my home state as opposed to New Jersey? Obviously, the applicant pool in Missouri is much smaller than that applying from the Northeast. Would this help me at all? Or do law schools not consider geographic diversity in the decision making process? Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you all in advance.

-Adam :)

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