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Hey everybody, I don't know about you guys, but I've annoyed everyone I know and care about with talk of LSAT, applications, career plans, etc.  I think it would be cool to get together someplace in or around the D and annoy each other instead.

Tag this thread if you are interested.

For example:

These are some quotes from The Blues Brothers: "We are on a mission from God."; "You're gonna look pretty funny trying to eat corn on the cob with no f-in' teeth."; "You got my cheese wiz boy?"

Is that a proper use of semicolons to separate the quotes?  Does the semicolon go before or after the closing quote? 

Please contact via PM.  Many thanks.

When changing names in a personal statement to protect someone's privacy, is it necessary to disclose the change of names?  Do I write, "Matt (not his real name) killed my wallabies."?  Ignoring the horror of macropocide, this sounds corny.

Because I'm applying to local schools, it is possible (however unlikely) that the people mentioned in my statement could be found with some web searching.

I'm looking for general impressions of the supplemental essay topics provided on the U of M app.  I'm heavily leaning toward #6 (about lawyer skills).  I have a rough draft of a failed personal statement along those lines, so I've already got something to work with.

Anyone have anything else to add?

Hey all, this is pretty rough, but I'm just looking for impressions.  I have a gut feeling that the first paragraph is not necessary.  Thanks much.


[...snip...] On the advice of the first responder, I removed the text of the essay.  Please PM me if you are interesting in reading it.


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