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Missouri - Kansas City / Dean Sunni Drops The Ball and USNWR Ranking
« on: March 13, 2007, 08:16:08 PM »
NEWS: Sunni recently, early reports have indicated, told students that neither she nor any of the other incompetents (well, i guess they prefer to be called "staff") filled out the USNWR and therefore students should brace themselves for a drop in the rankings.

Now, my disclaimer here is that I have received via a few independent sources, yet nothing is set in stone yet.  Moreover, even if they did forget to fill out the survey, USNWR might not drop them in the ranking.  Rather they may be omitted.  Either way, I'm tossing this out there for potential matriculates to discover BEFORE they, well, matriculate.

WHY WORRY? Because i got screwed by the same thing when i first attended.  UMKC was 99th on the law school rankings and I thought that being T100 was far better than 3rd Tier (somewhat true).  Yet, when I started there in the fall, UMKC had fallen off the table and was 3rd Tier.  Something to think about for all you ppl who have acceptance letters in your hands...

1) Because employers do.  Why the hell does anyone ever do law review? It sure isn't for the fun of cite checking and bluebooking now isn't it?

2) Its gonna sting for years to come.  When a school drops significanlty in the rankings, that hurts the next years applications and acts as a deterrent for both potential applicants and potential matriculates (i.e. ppl choosing b/w UMKC and other schools).  This all, in turn, will decrease selectivity and other factors that the USNWR looks at when ranking schools every year.  In other words, it can start a cyclical downward cycle that sucks the school permanently downward in the rankings and, most importantly, in employer's eyes.

3) It just simply reflects on the sheer incompetency of the administration running the school.  How difficult is it to fill out a survey?  Even more so when you realize that MANY STUDENTS BASE THEIR CHOICE OF SCHOOL ALMOST PRIMARILY ON THE USNWR RANKING OF THAT SCHOOL.  Thats not to say that school visits, atmosphere, and locale don't play a large role too.  But i'd posit that the largest factor is often the ranking.  I'd go to Univ. of MN over Univ. HI any day ...

4) There is no four.  I'm tired. 

As always, I'll leave myself open for any hatemail you want to bring.  Or any questions you may have about UMKC or law school in general.  This time, however, I'll be using for you to directly contact me. 


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