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Choosing the Right Law School / law versus policy school
« on: July 19, 2006, 06:58:46 AM »
Not sure if I should apply to law school or policy school...any thoughts?  suggestions?  I know law school means more loans and it would be tougher to get into a brand name school...but then law school would be a more competitive degree and it seems knowing law would be important later in policy type work as well as more versatile...

I graduated Georgetown with a 3.63 GPA...worked for a law firm for a year...did a Public Health Fulbright Research grant and am now working at a nonprofit doing development work.
The 159 LSAT score is from October 2003 (bad day), the 165 is from June 2006.

I'm thinking about doing a JD/MPH...I know Georgetown/Hopkins and UMich has these programs.  But what are my chance for these schools?  Which schools should I be looking at?...Anyone know of other JD/MPH programs?
Also...anyone know of public health program rankings with info?...The US News doesn't have much.

Thanks in advance!

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