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Canadian Law Students / Queen's vs. Western vs. Windsor
« on: April 22, 2007, 05:37:46 AM »
Say you're accepted to all three. Where do you go and why?

Hey guys, I just found out I didn't get into my hometown university (UBC in Canada), so now my sights are set on an American school. I got accepted to NYLS with 22.5k (renewable with a 3.3gpa) and I'm still waiting on Harvard (I won't hold my breath), Columbia (same), Georgetown, George Washington, UC Hastings, UCLA and USC. I still have a few safeties in Canada just in case as well.

I went to McGill in Montreal and got a BA Honors in political science. I did a year on exchange at Sciences Po Paris ('the' French elite school) and now I'm doing a MSc in comparative politics at the London School of Economics in England. I speak French and Farsi fluently, and I know basic Spanish. I have a published article about marijuana and Canadian foreign policy (that's right).

I'm feeling like my numbers and soft factors are too good for NYLS, but it is quite tempting to live and work in NYC, especially because I'll at least get the first year tuition discount and I also have several well-connected NY buddies from my McGill days too. The $$$ and debt issue is not a HUGE deal for me, as I'm one of the lucky ones that benefits from generous parents, and I've been living in London and Paris for a couple of years so I'm (and my parents are) used to high prices.

I'm looking to work in international law (I think), so I think that means NYC and DC are my best bets. Is it possible that since I went to such high-ranked undergrad, exchange and grad schools, and focused so much on the poli sci, that just getting that JD from a place like NYLS and passing the bar is all I need to land a good job in int'l law? If I want to work in int'l law, is it better to be in NYC at a shittier school (NYLS) or to go to a better school in California and then come to NYC or DC after graduation? And are int'l law salaries in general significantly different (ie. less) than other fields?

I think my best bets in terms of numbers and reputation in int'l law are probably Georgetown and GWU, so I'm crossing my fingers.

Any opinions/ideas/thoughts?

Choosing the Right Law School / Chances??? 155 LSAT 3.32 UGPA
« on: July 09, 2006, 05:36:58 PM »
Hi guys, I'm trying to get a feel of where I should/could go with these numbers.

First of all, anyone know how much LSAC will mess with my gpa? I went to McGill in Canada, and from what I've been told, Canadian schools are tougher with grades than the average US school. I'll probably be writing the LSAT again in September, so hopefully I'll be able to aim a little higher after that, but for now, I have to deal with the score I have. Here's some other info about my application:

McGill Honours Poli Sci major (History and Econ minors)
1 year exchange at Sciences Po Paris
MSc International Relations from Universiteit van Amsterdam in 2006-07 (or maybe London School of Economics or King's College, still waiting on decisions)
Iranian background (I don't know if that helps)

I still don't know what I want to study, but my background suggests international law, and I feel like if I focus my application around wanting to study int'l law, then it could look attractive to admissions peeps. Anyway, here are the schools I'm more or less considering. Any info about the schools, comments about my chances are more than welcome!

Cal Western
Golden Gate
Loyola Marymount LA
Santa Clara
San Diego
San Fran

Basically, I'd like to be at a school with an urban campus, preferably a big city, decent reputation, decent weather, etc...

Thanks in advance for the responses!

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