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I got a 151 on the LSAT and I have a 3.6 undergrad GPA. I want to go to schools in the Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kansas, Missouri area, but the main school I'm looking at is U of Oklahoma, of which I am an alum.

I think I could raise my score, because I'm pretty sure I had a key mistake. I'm a bit ashamed to admit it, but not too ashamed to seek advice.

Overactive bladder runs in my family, and I am no exception. I drank my normal amount of coffee the morning of the LSAT, and by the third section, I really had to go to the bathroom urgently. I was under the impression that I wasn't able to leave the room for any reason until after the third section, so I tried to struggle through and hold it. It became painful, I couldn't think straight, and I was even sweating. Finally I asked the proctor, and they let me go like it was no big deal.

Point is: it took me about 45 secs to use the bathroom and return, whereas I panicked and tried to hold it for a good 15-20 mins of section 3. I really think it had an impact on that section, since I could not think straight during the first half of it. Also the anxiety sort of stuck with me the rest of the test. Plus I also had to go in section 5, but I did not hesitate that time.

Additionally, I just studied on my own with prep books, i.e. no official prep course. I estimate I could do better if I took it again, but I am wondering if it is necessary. Would there be a difference in potential financial aid with a higher score? Also, would I even be able to get in to the decent schools in the region, such as Oklahoma and U of Arkansas? I appreciate any and all advice!

Should I retake the LSAT or just go with it? I'm really looking at schools in the south central region, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. I'm not really too concerned with looking for top 10 schools. The higher rank the better, but I'd consider getting into the Univ. of Oklahoma or Arkansas Law School a success. I'm not sure if I ought to just apply for fall 2013, or wait, study hard, and shoot for fall 2014. Any thoughts?

LSAT: 151, GPA: 3.6; Univ. of Oklahoma, double major German/Classics. Activities: Student Congress, Honor Council (academic misconduct board), several academic organizations, bilingual, study abroad. Resume includes teaching overseas with Fullbright, and currently employed two years as an accountant with a Fortune 500 company.

I do think I could improve my LSAT score somewhat. I'd estimate closer to a 156-158. I'm just not sure if it would be worth it to get into the caliber of school I'm looking in to. I live in Central Oklahoma, and lots of people make a decent living here having gone to one of our local law schools. I'd appreciate any advice or input.

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