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Law School Admissions / Low GPA, Moderate LSAT...take 3rd time?
« on: October 02, 2012, 12:24:03 PM »
I admit that I slacked off in college and I own up to it. Aside from that, I'm a TERRIBLE standardized test taker. I took the SATs multiple times and I've taken the LSATs twice so far (142, 152).

I really want to study law but I feel that me having a low gpa and being a bad stan. test taker is just killing me with applying.

I'm registered to take it again in a couple days but I'm reading numerous posts (here and elsewhere) saying that taking it a third time is risky. With my 152 score, I have a fair chance in getting into NSU (I've spoken to someone there).

with test day getting closer and closer, i'm starting to get more and more scared that I might not improve my score. I'm sure it's just anxiety but it's still on my mind.

Seeing the scores that you guys post just make me feel terrible. I've also spoken to a friend of mine who recently graduated from NSU (and passed the bar), he had close to the same GPA and score as me. He also said that if I tank this exam, it's no worry because I have a higher score to fall back there any truth to that claim?

If the answer is- "you're screwed if you dont do better than 152," is it too late to cancel?

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