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Looking to apply for Fall 2013 admissions. LSAT - 155 (first attempt), GPA - 3.25. I'm a 26 year old male, studied English at Texas Tech University and have taught three years of high school English, about to begin my fourth year. The high schools I've been teaching in are urban/title I schools. I hold a Texas Educators Certificate and a Real Estate Salesperson Certificate (sold real estate for one year between my third and soon to begin fourth year of teaching).

Wondering what my admission chances will be.... I know my LSAT and GPA scores are average, but I'm hoping my professional career, personal statement, and letters of recommendations will pull some serious weight.

Ultimate dream schools are Berkeley, Davis, and Hastings... and this here ladies and gentlemen is why they call them "dream" schools. I'm pretty much embarrassed to even give five seconds to think of attending the first two. Looking to apply to Loyola (CA), San Diego, Santa Clara, University of Pacific, and University of Hawaii.

Any troll can google admission statistics and figure out their chances from numbers alone. So I'm really looking for some solid advice/wisdom as to how much my professional background might pull in being admitted to the schools listed above.

Peace and Love.

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