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It's the end of my junior year, and I just pled guilty to possessing some marijuana and paraphernalia in my dorm. I have been placed on disciplinary probation for one year, to be expunged from my record at graduation.
I'm taking a year off after I graduate to do some good in the world and to apply to law school, so by the time I actually apply the record would have been expunged, regardless I know I should disclose it on my application. I'm worried as to how this could effect my admission prospects. The schools I would like to attend are not particularly 'safe' for me (I am just below their average accepted GPA, but well above their average accepted LSAT score), and I'm worried that this could be the tipping point that leads to rejection.
Any suggestions on how to handle this situation? Should I not report it to law schools? Is there something positive I can do to offset the negative impact this may have on my application?

My friends are telling me I'm freaking out for nothing, but I really don't think this is as minor as people are making it out to be.

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