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Hello all, first post and i could really use some help

a bit about me

27 years old and a successful business owner
160 LSAT

i applied to southwestern, loyola, chapman, pepperdine, and cal western

i got into southwestern, chapman, and cal western
i got wait listed on pepperdine, at this point pepperdine is a no brainer if i get in over the next coming months

cal western is out of the picture thanks to the fact that i live in LA and would like to keep it local, i just bought a condo in glendale

if you had to choose between southwestern and chapman, which school would you go with?

as of this year, chapman is now a tier 2 school.. i have done my research on it.. my worry with chapman is that there isn't enough alumni around because its relatively new and i know how important it is to network.. southwestern has been around for a while...

There is also another factor involved.. chapman is paying 80% of my first year, with a promise of grants every year for good grades.. i have not received anything like that for southwestern, which kinda pisses me off seeing how they are ranked worse and have a worse bar passing rate then chapman..

i live in LA, glendale specifically.. and i will not be moving.. so the drive to chapman is dreadfull.. but the possibility of saving nearly 80k over the next 3 years is enticing....

but lets put the money aside... per the communities opinion i would love to know which school is thought to be better to attend?

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